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Top 20+ AI Tools for Research

AI and its development over the past couple of years has had a widespread impact on the world. It has affected other aspects of today’s modern world aside from technology and digitalization. Further development in the field of AI led to the emergence of AI tools, and with them came a revolutionizing flow. Presently, there are countless AI tools out there, developed to serve various purposes, aimed at making lives easier & simpler. There’s not a part of the internet that remains unaffected from AI tools, including academics & research. The internet is swarming with AI tools developed for research & academics. In this article, we’ll be going over some of Top AI Tools for Research. These AI tools are capable of automation, simplification, analysis and generation. Research consists of gathering data, sorting it out & discovering new stuff. Supercharge your research with the help of some of the Top AI Tools for Research. 

A Brief Preface To The Top AI Tools For Research

As mentioned before, AI tools help us complete tasks at hand faster and more efficiently. Now, one may ask, what role does AI play in contributing towards research? Research is an intensive task, and is time consuming. AI tools developed while keeping research in mind aim at the ultimate objective of saving precious time. They simplify your research by compiling accurate data in correct order, by generating required content and by suggesting ideas. In this article, we’ve bought the very best of AI Tools developed & designed for research purposes for you. They’ll greatly enhance your research experience using highly capable modules and help you be more productive. Let’s not waste any more time and learn more about the Top AI Tools for Research. 

Top 20+ AI Tools For Research

1. Research Rabbit

Top AI Tools for Research: Research Rabbit

Known as the ‘Spotify’ of research, Research Rabbit is an AI powered tool widely popular for enhancing your research experience. It is a feature rich platform where you get to ‘fast track’ your research in an efficient manner. Research Rabbit features an option of submitting and adding academic papers to ‘collections’. The collections of a user acts as a guide for Research Rabbit and helps in refining recommendations. Research Rabbit boasts a simple user interface and has an easily adaptable workflow.

2. Consensus

Top AI Tools for Research: Consensus

Consensus is an AI fueled platform and is one of its kind. It is a really unique tool known for using firm evidence as a basis to answer users’ prompts and questions. Understanding the insights of any research paper is of utmost importance, and consensus helps you with that. It is an AI search engine used to find answers from peer-reviewed studies and research papers. It is a handy AI tool for researchers to save precious time by obtaining to the point answers from Consensus. 

3. Elicit

Top AI Tools for Research: Elicit

Elicit is a widely popular AI powered tool, also known to many by its alternate name, ‘The AI Research assistant’. It features a massive database with reliable info from countless research papers from across the globe. That database enables Elicit to generate smart answers to users’ queries and prompts. It is able to hold ‘intelligent conversations’. Elicit leads users to research papers by identing keywords in their prompts & queries. Moreover, it also summarizes research papers and is capable of extracting major pieces of information. 

4. Trinka

Top AI Tools for Research: Trinka AI

There are plenty of proofreading AI based tools out there across the internet. As much feature packed and functional they might be, they never really go beyond checking the fundamental grammar and spellings. However, Trinka is different. It is an AI fueled tool developed to take proofreading to a greater level. Trinka checks sentence structure, subject verb relationships, use of parts of speech etc. These are the elements other proofreading tools often end up missing. Trinka brings great value with itself and is a reliable AI tool for enhancing research experience.

5. ChatPDF

Top AI Tools for Research: ChatPDF

ChatPDF is a very unique AI powered tool. What makes it unique is its purpose. ChatPDF feeds on the information provided in the form of a PDF document & uses it to hold conversations about it. It is capable of holding interactive conversations and answers questions based on the provided PDF document. ChatPDF presents a very unique way of discovering new things by becoming a chatbot capable of answering questions. It makes it possible for us to interact with our books, research papers, and documents. Interacting with academic papers has a variety of perks and it streamlines the process of learning.

6. ReadCube Papers

Top AI Tools for Research: ReadCube

Once you get plenty of experience in researching, you understand the essence & importance of citations and references. Foraging for them manually is a hectic task, and ReadCube Papers is here for our rescue. It is an AI tool developed for providing easy access to research papers and scholarly articles. It enables ease of access to articles from all over the globe. Also available in the form of a browser extension, ReadCube papers allows us to download articles as well. Moreover, we get features for annotations and sharing too. It is one of the best AI Tools for Research and you should definitely give it a try.

7. OpenRead

Top AI Tools for Research: OpenRead

OpenRead is a powerful AI fueled tool. It is a great pick if you’re in search of the Top AI Tools for Research. It is a library featuring various options allowing its users to assemble, analyze & interact with research papers of all kinds. Organizing research papers in an efficient manner takes some time, and OpenRead streamlines it for us. Research enthusiasts will find great value from this super handy AI tool. It’ll help them curate their academic papers quickly and smartly.

8. SciSpace

Top AI Tools for Research: SciSpace

SciSpace has earned fame for itself by being home to a massive library full of articles & research papers . Featuring over 250 million articles and authors, It is a great platform for you to read, analyze, understand and even submit articles of your own. Moreover, it is home to multiple subjects. Having a database containing millions of research papers with the search option makes it one of the best AI tools for Research. SciSpace also numerous paper template choices adding even more to its functionality.


Top AI Tools for Research: ClassGist

ClassGist is an AI tool you can rely on for generating precise summarized versions of research papers. Capable of analyzing documents and extracting relevant information from them, ClassGist significantly adds to your research experience. It enables users to draw an accurate summary of the academic papers and articles. Moreover, you also get the feature of customization of the generated summary as per your needs and choices.

10. PDF Gear

Top AI Tools for Research: PDF Gear

PDF Gear is an amazing AI fueled tool for research enthusiasts. It is completely free to use, and the value it brings to the table for being a free tool is mind boggling. It is a highly capable AI based summarizing tool. PDF Gear is able to extract the key information from a PDF document/academic paper and summarize it with superb accuracy. It is also able to identify keywords and quoted sentences. This helps researchers understand the key information in any academic paper without having to go through all of it. 


Top AI Tools for Research:

Calling itself as the world’s most powerful workplace and document collaboration platform, is a great choice for researchers. It allows users to organize and create various forms of knowledge providing templates. It is a perfect tool for individuals, teams and even full fledged organizations invested in research. is home to massive data stored in multiple variable forms. 

12. Google Scholar

Top AI Tools for Research: Google Scholar

It is a platform everyone knows about. Google Scholar is home to millions of articles, research papers, essays, conference papers, scholarly literature and much more. Moreover, it constantly gets updated on a daily basis. There will always be something new for researchers to learn and discover in Google Scholar.

13. Scholarcy

Top AI Tools for Research: Scholarcy

As mentioned before, automation is an inseparable part of AI Tools’ fundamental objectives. It goes for generating any kind of content and aims at increasing productivity by saving precious time. Scholarcy is an AI tool designed & developed for a very similar purpose. It is able to automate the reading & summarizing process of a research paper. Scholarcy provides users with a way of understanding the major concepts by streamlining the lengthy process of reading and summarizing academic papers.

14. IBM Watson

Top AI Tools for Research: IBM Watson

Coming with features like Watson Discovery & Watson Natural Language Understanding, this AI tool is of great value to researchers. Data extraction, sentiment analysis, language processing & other premium features make it an awesome tool for the purpose of research & discoveries. 

15. Knewton

Top AI Tools for Research: Knewton

Having an option of personalizing a particular platform as per our needs and requirements can prove really time efficient. Knewton proves that point valid. It is an AI based online learning platform and has been proved useful for research enthusiasts too. You get the feature of tailoring the platform to deliver personalized academic content, enhancing your overall research experience. 

16. Tableau

Top AI Tools for Research: Tableau

Understanding graphs & charts is an important part of almost every research project. Tableau is here to simplify things for you. Identing data, trends and patterns around all of it has never been easier. Tableau provides support for treemaps, heatmaps, charts and other similar elements. It uses its AI module to help researchers understand all that data quickly and with more efficiency. 

17. Semantic Scholar

Top AI Tools for Research: Semantic Scholar

Among the many AI based search engines, Semantic Scholar has proven to be one of the most useful ones. What makes it special is the fact that it deals with only relevant academic papers. It deals with important subjects like computer science, neuroscience, biomedical science and others like them. It is also able to perform citation analysis on higher levels. 

18. Zotero

Top AI Tools for Research: Zotero

Zotero is a do-it-all AI based management and research assistant. Developed to aid research enthusiasts with their organization, annotation and citation, it also provides various customization options. Zotero offers over 10,000 citation styles, helping you find a perfect style for your research and publication. It is designed to help researchers collect and organize in a much better and smarter way. 


Top AI Tools for Research: Mendeley

Just like many other tools, Mendeley is also one of those AI tools for Research developed for organization purposes. It boasts a very user-friendly interface. Its collaborative and interactive compatibility bring great functionality, and it streamlines management like no other tool. Mendeley helps research enthusiasts organize, cite, annotate & share their and others’ academic papers with great efficiency and ease. Using Mendeley helps users save a lot of precious time and streamline workflow. 

20. EndNote

Top AI Tools for Research: EndNote

Bibliography refers to the mention of references or sources of information used to write an article or a book. It carries great importance and is an eminent part of any academic paper. However, it is possible for people to encounter inaccurate information on the internet when preparing bibliography. Here comes EndNote, an AI tool used to check the accuracy of a bibliography. It also streamlines bibliography creation and also has the feature of automatic bibliography generation.

21. TurnItIn

Top AI Tools for Research: TurnItIn

TurnItIn is yet another AI tool carrying great value & importance for students, teachers and research enthusiasts. It is an AI tool developed to encourage use of original ideas and thoughts. TurnItIn provides an AI powered plagiarism checking feature that proposes the idea of writing original content. It brings an easy to use interface along with useful features to the academic community in general. You should definitely give it a try. 

Maximize Your Research Experience With These Top AI Tools For Research

The task of research has multiple layers to it. Any enthusiastic researcher always explores these layers one by one, discovering new things in the process. However, it is a time consuming process, which sometimes can be hectic as well. That’s where AI Tools for Research come in for rescue. There are plenty of AI based tools out there to help us improve our research experience. In this article, we handpicked the best we could find among them and presented them to you. These Top AI Tools for Research will maximize your research experience. With that being said, we’ll now wrap this article up in hopes that it was of help to you. 

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