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As part of the checkout process, we’ll ask for your AI tool’s URL only, and we’ll handle all the other necessary details for you.

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Why Submit Your AI Tool to AIParabellum.Com?

Here’s why:

  • Fast Listing ⚡: Your tool will be listed within 24hrs.
  • Exposure 🔥: Your tool will be on the home page for a minimum of 24hrs.
  • Reach a Dedicated Audience 🎯: AIParabellum.Com attracts professionals, developers, and AI enthusiasts who are actively seeking top-tier AI tools. Your listing can reach the people who need your tool the most.
  • Boost Your Credibility 🌟: Being listed on AIParabellum.Com means your tool has been vetted for quality.
  • Drive Sales and Leads 📈: Benefit from increased visibility, leading to more inquiries and higher sales.
  • Be an Early Adopter 🚀: Get in now while AIParabellum.com is growing. Being an early listing will give you a competitive advantage.

AI Tool Submission Process: Guidelines and Best Practices

Follow these simple steps to have your AI tool reviewed and potentially listed on our platform:

Step #1: Submit Your AI Tool

Click the “I Want to List My AI Tool” button below. You will be redirected to a payment page on Gumroad. It’s a one-time payment.

Step #2: Evaluation and Review of AI Tools for Guaranteeing Quality and Relevance

Complete the payment process on Gumroad to proceed. You will be asked for your AI tool’s name and URL during the payment. There is no need for extra details—our expert team will handle the rest!

Step #3: Showcasing Your AI Tool on AI Parabellum

Once we have your AI tool details, our team will evaluate your tool’s quality and utility. If approved, your AI tool will be featured in our AI tools directory (AIParabellum.com). You’ll also receive a confirmation email that your tool is live.

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Your success is our success.

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What types of tools can I list?

To maintain a professional and respectful environment, we do not allow NSFW (Not Safe for Work) tools on our platform. Only safe AI tools are allowed for the submission.

When will my AI tool be listed?

Your tool will be listed within 24hrs.

Does my listing expire?

Rest assured, your listing is permanent. Once your AI tool is published on our directory, it will remain there indefinitely, with no expiration date.