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AI Parabellum offers an exclusive opportunity for entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders, and leading figures in AI startups or companies to feature in our insightful interview series. If you are at the helm of innovation and driving growth in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, we invite you to share your journey, experiences, and vision with our audience.

Interview Submission Guidelines

  • The interviewee should hold a significant position such as entrepreneur, CEO, founder, or equivalent in an AI startup or established company.
  • The content should provide valuable insights into the AI industry, covering topics like company origins, product development, market insights, and future trends.
  • Questions should be crafted to elicit thoughtful, informative responses that will engage and educate our readership.
  • The interview must be original and exclusive to AI Parabellum.
  • Prior to submission, ensure the interview is thoroughly proofread and edited for clarity and conciseness.

Publication Fee

  • Upon review and approval, instructions for the payment process will be emailed to the submitter.
  • Your interview will be published after the payment has been completed.

Interview Format

  • Please submit the interview in a Q&A format, with clear distinctions between questions and answers.
  • Include a brief introduction of the interviewee, detailing their role and company.
  • The submission should preferably be in a Word document, with any images provided in high resolution.
  • An accompanying short biography of the interviewee and a professional headshot are required.

About the Interviewee Section

Interviewees are encouraged to provide the following:

  • A detailed biography outlining their career and achievements in the AI sector.
  • The name and brief background of their company or startup.
  • Geographic location and headquarters of the company.
  • Links to the company website and relevant product pages.
  • Social media profiles or professional links (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

For any inquiries regarding the submission or payment process, please reach out to us. We look forward to showcasing your innovative contributions to the AI industry through your personal stories and successes.

Please send your interview to [email protected]

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