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Top 20+ AI Tools for SEO

We live in a world where presently AI has taken over the internet, and its impact is widespread. It has had an effect on the functioning of the world & it has completely revolutionized the internet along with its users. We’ve been living in the era of growing online businesses over the past few years, and AI has impacted them too. While the concept of organic reach & traffic stays the same, optimizing on-page SEO isn’t as easy anymore. With hundreds of rival businesses around us, why not take the help of AI itself to overcome obstacles? In this article, we’ll be going over some of the Top AI Tools for SEO available on the internet. These awesome tools will help you beat the competition by marginally improving your SEO game with impressive efficiency. Get the best on-page SEO & embark on a journey of unstoppable growth with these Top AI Tools for SEO

A Short Preface To The AI Tools For SEO

It’s hard to find a tool developed for a certain purpose, especially among the hundreds of AI tools out there. Many of them revolve around content generation and publication, while some of them emphasize on the website’s viability and rankings. A business is more likely to bloom if it experiences increased organic traffic & engagement. If you’re looking for AI tools to help you with the exact same purpose, look no further. In this article, we’ll be presenting to you our picks for the Top AI Tools for SEO. These tools will help you level up your SEO game resulting in better rankings & increased organic traffic for your webpage. Let’s not delay this any further and jump right in. Listed below are our suggestions for the Top AI Tools for SEO. 

Top 20+ AI Tools For SEO

1. Surfer SEO

AI Tools for SEO: Surfer SEO

Among the hundreds of SEO tools & software out there, only a few prove to be useful. Surfer SEO has managed to earn a name for itself among those few. It provides you with an SEO workflow for boosting your organic traffic with the ultimate goal of helping you rank better. Surfer SEO provides assistance by optimizing your content for more reach by comparing it with similar articles across the web. Moreover, it gives you suggestions for increasing traffic and organic reach. Surfer SEO is one of the few AI based SEO tools out there with actual usability and value to them.  

2. AlliAI

Top AI Tools for SEO: Alli AI

Alli AI is an AI powered tool developed to help SEO teams and agencies by streamlining SEO workflow. It boasts support for all & any CMS out there, making it a highly compatible AI tool. Alli AI provides some awesome features that include bulk on-page optimization, live editor and real time deployment. Moreover, you also get extra features like site speed optimizer and schema markup to add finishing touches. Alli AI lets you bring massive code and content changes quickly and efficiently, making it a pretty good pick. 

3. Jasper AI

Top AI Tools for SEO: Jasper

Jasper AI is one of the many tools available on the internet claiming to be capable of everything. However, there’s a difference between Jasper AI and the rest of them. Jasper features active functionality instead of gimmicks. It is an AI tool known for responding to a variety of tasks & prompts with great efficiency. Jasper AI will not disappoint you when it comes to optimizing the on-page SEO using it. Capable of paraphrasing, spinning, writing with clarity and much more, it’s perfectly suited for you to enhance your SEO game. 

4. ClickUp

Top AI Tools for SEO: ClickUp

ClickUp is an AI based platform capable of being your all in one project manager. It boasts a collection of highly capable SEO centric tools under a single platform. SEO project template, natural language processing & SEO centric copywriting and paraphrasing tools are some of its best features. Clickup is a full fledged project management AI tool with plenty of tools focused around SEO. It brings phenomenal value with itself, and its SEO tools are like a cherry on the cake top.

5. Nitropack

Top AI Tools for SEO: NitroPack

There are a lot of factors that play crucial roles in deciding the rankings of a website, and a website’s speed is one of them. A faster loading website would mean a faster display of all listed services and products. The faster a user gets what they seek, the more likely they’re to stay on a webpage. Nitropack aims at improving a website’s ranking by enhancing its overall speed. Making use of an advanced caching mechanism and other tools, Nitropack speeds up a website’s image loading process. It boasts an impressive collection of image optimization and SEO tools, and also provides support for multiple languages & platforms. 

6. Word Lift

Top AI Tools for SEO: WordLift

General approaches to optimizing SEO always have plenty of room for improvement, and WordLift is your ally to identify that. It is an AI powered tool developed for the purpose of improving SEO performance by optimizing meta descriptions. It is widely used by many to generate structured data based on an AI powered graph tool. WordLift also features a natural language processing option aside from its basic tools that help web pages rank better. It is a great AI tool to boost your organic traffic and get ahead of the competition.

7. Byword

Top AI Tools for SEO: Byword

As mentioned before, among the various kinds of AI content generation tools, there are some that focus on refinement & quality. Byword belongs to that category. It is an AI powered article generating tool. All users need to do is to provide it with keywords and a brief direction of the writing style. Byword will generate an SEO-friendly article incorporating the prompted style & keywords in the best possible way. It is one of the best AI tools to quickly generate SEO content and get better rankings in no time.

8. Market Muse

Top AI Tools for SEO: Market Muse

MarketMuse is a handy AI tool developed to help you devise the perfect content strategy. It offers a highly capable AI module which analyzes your website and provides personalized information. These in depth insights curated for your website help you revise and rethink your entire content strategy. Since Google doesn’t show organic keyword data in analytics anymore, MarketMuse swoops in to rescue with its personalized insights & SEO friendly recommendations. 

9. Frase

Top AI Tools for SEO: Frase

Frase is an AI tool developed for producing results, and in a much faster way than usual. It provides users with a feature of SEO research, giving them the opportunity to analyze rivalries and competitions. Frase simplifies the task of SERP research and optimizing content to make it SEO friendly. Moreover, it does all of that in just a short amount of time. Using Frase and its AI module developed for SEO can help you get to better rankings in no time at all. 

10. Writer Zen

Top AI Tools for SEO: Writer Zen

WriterZen is a reliable AI powered tool developed for SEO purposes. Aimed at providing high ranking results and a quality piece of content altogether, Writer Zen maximizes your SEO game effortlessly. It boasts features like automated content creation paired with AI based writing templates. Furthermore, it features the most advanced large language model aimed at helping you rank better and generate content more effectively. 

11. Rank IQ

Top AI Tools for SEO: RankIQ

As the name suggests, Rank IQ is a super handy AI based tool developed to assist you with your web page rankings. Aimed at the category of bloggers and businesses, it is a greatly useful AI tool designed for streamlining SEO. Whether it’s constructing blog posts, impeccable SEO friendly titles, or keyword research, Rank IQ has got all of it covered. Relying on Rank IQ will help you scale your SEO game, get better rankings for both new and old posts, and increase organic traffic. 

12. Pro Rank Tracker

Top AI Tools for SEO: Pro Rank Tracker

The name of this AI tool is sufficient enough to give you an idea of what purpose it serves. Although not directly dealing with curating SEO friendly content for you, Pro Rank Tracker brings essential features with itself. It specializes in rank tracking of web pages. Pro Rank Tracker provides the most precise ranking data & reports, and it can be really insightful. It’ll help users identify areas of improvement, ultimately helping them become more SEO friendly and grow. 


Top AI Tools for SEO: is an amazing AI based SEO tool and it aims at providing you with better ranking content. It makes use of keywords, SERP analysis and proprietary algorithms to produce optimized content. is a reliable AI solution for users looking for an AI tool to help them rank better. 

14. Hubspot AI tools

Top AI Tools for SEO: Hubspot AI tools

It is a collection of easy to use AI tools aimed at maximizing productivity and providing better SEO rankings. It features an SEO suggestions tool to help you find room for further optimizations. Moreover, Hubspot AI Tools also provides users with a highly capable AI assistant to help them with content creation. This AI assistant is capable of generating SEO optimized content along with general social media and blog posts.

15. INK

Top AI Tools for SEO: INK

Claiming to be an industry leading platform, INK is also a great & capable AI tool you shouldn’t miss out on. Aimed at helping you to scale & optimize your content faster than ever for better rankings, INK gets the job done. It features a toolset full of SEO centric tools, developed to instantly help you rank better with finely refined SEO friendly content.

16. Neuron Writer

Top AI Tools for SEO: Neuron Writer

Making use of exceptional features like semantic models, SERP analysis & competition data, Neuron Writer might be what you’re looking for. It’s able to optimize your website content to make it SEO friendly, promising you better rankings and more organic traffic. 

17. Paraphrasing

Top AI Tools for SEO: Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tools are capable of generating SEO optimized content from reference articles within seconds. This AI tool is developed with that exact purpose in mind. Paraphrasing Tool  AI helps you improve your ranking by generating SEO friendly content. 

18. Diib

Top AI Tools for SEO: Diib

Diib is a globally popular AI tool known as one of the most reliable ways of growing a website. It lays major emphasis on SEO optimization, and uses a variety of SEO tools to achieve that. Automating and streamlining SEO has neve been easier. Diib is one of the Top AI Tools for SEO out there.

19. ScaleNut

Top AI Tools for SEO: ScaleNut

Scalenut is an AI powered content generation tool capable of doing  a variety of tasks related to SEO optimization. Publishing a piece of content has more than just a single layer to it, and ScaleNut assists users in that task with unmatched efficiency. Optimizing it for on-page SEO, preparing outline, content planning, content generation , and a lot of other features, ScaleNut does it all. It brings such high level functionality and features that it’s hard to top that. It is one of the best AI tools to optimize and refine your on-page SEO. You should definitely check this out if you’re looking for AI tools to help you with improving your SEO game. 

20. Outranking

Top AI Tools for SEO: Outranking

Outranking is yet another AI fueled SEO tool with a self explanatory name. Developed with the objective of optimizing content with minimal efforts to streamline SEO, Outranking brings great value to the table. Users across the internet rely on it for increasing their organic traffic and improving their SEO rankings.

21. Neural Text

Top AI Tools for SEO: Neural Text

It is an AI tool with multiple SEO optimization features. Neural Writer provides a keyword research tool and it is also capable of generating content on its own. Making use of ranked pages’ data, Neural Writer ensures SEO friendly content generation with great efficiency. It incorporates some of the best SEO purpose tools and helps users get the rankings they’ve been aiming for. 

Supercharge Your SEO Game With These Top AI Tools

SEO is the backbone of hundreds of online businesses out there. With each passing day, we’re witnessing a constant growth in their numbers. People around the globe are grabbing every opportunity they’re getting hands on, and competition is higher than ever. SEO & its importance has increased marginally with so much competition all over the internet. That is precisely why in this article we covered some of the Top AI Tools for SEO. Use these capable AI tools to research keywords, track rankings and generate more SEO friendly content. These Top AI Tools for SEO will help you rank better and improve your SEO game significantly. With that being said, we’ll now wrap this article up in hopes that it was of help to you. 

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