Maximize Your Visibility with Our Top Banner Ad Space

Elevate your brand’s presence by securing the Top Banner Ad space on AI Parabellum, a premier destination for AI enthusiasts and professionals. This prominent advertising spot, measuring 728×90 pixels, is strategically positioned to capture maximum attention from our diverse and engaged audience.

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AI Parabellum: Top banner ad.

For detailed pricing and to secure your spot, please see the information provided below. Act now to leverage the power of AI Parabellum and connect with a community at the forefront of AI innovation.



3 Months


$1197 Save $198

6 Months


$2394 Save $395

1 Year


$4788 Save $789

Please Note: Our subscription services are managed securely and efficiently through Gumroad, providing a reliable and user-friendly experience. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, ensuring that you have complete control over your advertising commitments with us.


What is the process for submitting an advertisement?

To submit an advertisement, first select your preferred advertising package and complete the checkout process. During checkout, you will be prompted to provide the URL of your banner ad image and your AI tool that will be linked to the image. We recommend using a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive for hosting your image. Simply upload your banner ad to your chosen platform, ensure that the sharing settings allow for public viewing, and then paste the direct URL into the provided field during checkout.

What types of advertisements are accepted?

We accept advertisements exclusively for AI tools, not for AI tool directories. Each submitted ad undergoes a thorough approval process to ensure it meets our content and quality standards. Only approved AI tool ads will be published on our site.

What happens if my advertisement is not approved?

In the event that your advertisement does not meet our approval criteria, we will issue a refund, deducting only the necessary processing charges. We strive to make the review process fair and transparent, and if your ad is not approved, you will be promptly informed and provided with a refund minus these charges.