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An Overview of AI Powered Personal Assistants

Smartphones have been around for quite a while, and we’ve been fortunate enough to witness their evolution. Remember how unreal the concept of a touchscreen felt to all of us when it was announced? Today, a smartphone is all a person needs. It’s so valid that it’s unbelievable. Today’s phones are capable of literally everything you need. A major portion of its credit goes to AI. AI is the biggest technological development of the decade, and it has completely changed the world of smartphones. The development of AI aims at helping us with our daily lives and tasks by simpling, automating & executing. AI powered Personal Assistant Tools are our strongest ally to reach that goal. These AI assistants are found in smartphones of various brands and are available for all budget options. This highly increases their viability. In this article, we’ll discuss AI Assistants in smartphones, their impact & their technologies.

You might wonder, where did AI suddenly come from in a discussion about smartphones? Well, although it isn’t evident and advertised, most smartphones of today are built on an AI based software framework. Moreover, today’s smartphones also feature a highly capable voice assistant. These voice assistants are nothing else but highly trained AI models developed to serve a variety of purposes. AI based personal assistants are the need of the hour. They act at our voice commands & are quick as well. They’ll do a task at our voice command much faster than the time we’ll take to do it ourselves. In this article, we’ll take an educational approach towards enhancing our understanding of personal AI assistants. We’ll also look into the technologies behind them. Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa will be the stars of today’s show. So without any further delay, let’s learn more about these personal AI assistant tools.

Personal AI Assistants: A Short Overview 

Many of the devices we use today use AI to achieve a certain level of functionality. Smartphones are no different. Aside from a few particular apps & features, almost everything about a smartphone comes from AI. AI only started to emerge as a big thing recently. However, it has been continuously integrated over the past few years in smartphones, computers & other machinery for increased functionalities. Some of these AI technologies tend to be of a personalized nature. It means that these AI tools cater to their user’s subjective taste & requirements. The idea of having an AI platform provide features that cater to our specific needs & choices is quite brilliant. This is one of the many reasons behind the development of personalized AI assistants. 

As the name suggests, personal AI Assistants are highly trained AI models. What makes them unique is the fact that they cater specifically to their user by analyzing the users’ stored data. Often integrated in smartphones as their respective brands’ proprietary feature, these Personal AI Assistant Tools provide great value and functionality. Smartphone users from all across the globe daily use these personal AI assistants to get countless tasks done. Voicing a command & letting your personal AI Assistant Tool do it for you is quick & saves plenty of precious time. These personal AI Assistant Tools have a massive list of commands that they’re trained to follow. They use Reinforcement Learning, an essential kind of machine learning, to respond to those commands and execute the needed task. Scheduling a meeting, sending a text, setting an alarm, finding a flight & much more, a personal AI Assistant is capable of all of that. 

Like we discussed, some universal phone brands offer personal AI Assistants in their phones/devices as a proprietary feature. Let’s move forward & learn more about them.

The Stand-off Of Personal Assistants

Presently, there are a total of three personal AI assistants ruling the internet. You might’ve already guessed it. They’re Siri by Apple, Google Assistant by Google, and Alexa by Amazon. Siri and Google Assistant are globally famous personal AI Assistants present in our smartphones. Alexa on the other hand is a part of Amazon’s smart home ecosystem. Let’s take a look at all of them and learn the AI technologies behind them. 


Apple's Siri

Developed by Apple & exclusively available only on Apple’s devices, Siri sits on the top of every other personal AI assistant. Every personal AI assistant is always making use of multiple AI techniques & features to stay functional. Siri is the same. It uses Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition along with a variety of machine learning elements. Siri responds to the voice command “Hey Siri”, and has multiple applications. Apple users all across the globe use Siri to make calls, find routes, set appointments & alarms and much more. Siri also responds back vocally. It integrates very smoothly with other Apple devices, & is one of the reasons why Apple’s ecosystem is so highly reputed. 


Personal AI Assistant Alexa

Alexa is an AI assistant slightly differing from Siri and Google Assistant. While it is capable of carrying out the fundamental tasks like them, its specialization lies in home automation. Alongside various machine learning techniques, Alexa uses Automatic Speech Recognition & Natural Language Understanding to function efficiently. It powers the smart bluetooth speaker ‘Echo’. Home automation or smart home commands bring out Alexa’s key features and capabilities. It responds to the voice commands for interacting with a smart home setup. 

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a widely known personal AI Assistant Tool developed and programmed by Google itself. Using a combination of Speech Recognition, NLP & machine learning techniques, this tool ensures to get the most out of Google’s massive databases. Google Assistant employs cutting edge AI technology to get tasks done with more speed and efficiency. It’s also capable of tasks involving contextual understanding too. 

Supercharge your digital life with these Personal AI assistants

All of us are familiar with personalized AI Assistants present in our smartphones and other devices. However, understanding their working process is quite important as well. Learning how an AI Assistant works will help use make better and more efficient use of them as well. In this article, we briefly analyzed the concept of personal AI assistants and what they are. We also compared the three most popular AI Assistants out there and the AI techniques they deploy. With the passage of time, these personal AI Assistants will keep getting better & better. We’ve something 

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