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Auxillary AI introduces a revolutionary approach to enhancing user interaction within B2B platforms. Designed as an AI copilot, it seamlessly integrates with your SaaS platform, allowing users to engage through natural conversational interfaces. This AI tool is engineered to not only answer questions and execute actions but also to guide users effectively, helping them to leverage the full potential of your platform without navigating through complex menus or interfaces.


  • Data Retrieval: Users can access information directly through simple queries, bypassing traditional navigation.
  • Action Execution: Auxillary AI enables direct action execution via conversational commands.
  • Seamless Flows: The tool integrates querying and executing actions into a smooth dialogue.
  • Proactive Guidance: It provides users with proactive tips and educational support to maximize platform utility.
  • Onboarding and Support: Acts as a 24/7 support assistant, delivering instant and accurate responses.
  • Insights and Observability: Offers analytics on user engagement and functionality usage while ensuring privacy compliance.

How It Works

  1. Provide Necessary Data: Start by inputting the essential data sources like documents, links, API endpoints, or databases that Auxillary will use.
  2. Connect your API: Define the actions and workflows your users can perform through the AI, and provide the necessary API endpoints.
  3. Embed the Widget: Incorporate Auxillary AI into your platform by embedding the provided code snippet.
  4. Launch and Observe: Once set up, monitor the interactions between Auxillary AI and your users to see real-time engagement and effectiveness.


  • Enhanced User Experience: Simplifies interactions by allowing users to communicate through natural language.
  • Increased Efficiency: Reduces the time spent on navigating and performing actions within the platform.
  • 24/7 Availability: Offers round-the-clock assistance without the need for human intervention.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Helps in understanding user behavior and improving service offerings.
  • Scalable Solution: Capable of handling multiple interactions simultaneously without a drop in performance.


  • Growth Plan: Starts at $200 for 100-50K messages per month. New users get $10 in messages for free.
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $800 for 4K+ messages per month. Custom plans can be discussed with sales.
  • Pay-as-you-go: Users can adjust their message volume monthly with flexible payment options.


Auxillary AI is highly regarded for its ability to transform user interactions on B2B platforms into simple, conversational engagements. Users appreciate the ease of integration and the immediate value it adds by making information retrieval and action execution almost instantaneous. The proactive guidance and 24/7 support capabilities are particularly praised, making it a valuable tool for any SaaS platform looking to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.


Auxillary AI represents a significant step forward in the realm of B2B platform enhancements. By integrating this AI copilot, businesses can not only improve user satisfaction and engagement but also gain valuable insights into user behaviors and platform performance. Its easy setup, coupled with robust support and scalable architecture, makes Auxillary AI a compelling choice for businesses aiming to innovate their user interaction model.

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