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In the dynamic field of data analysis, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Avanty emerges as a groundbreaking AI assistant that transforms the way data analysts interact with Metabase. This AI-powered Chrome extension is designed to simplify and expedite the process of generating, editing, and understanding SQL queries, thereby enhancing productivity and decision-making. Avanty is not just a tool; it’s a smart companion tailored for the modern data analyst who values time and precision.


  • AI-Powered SQL Generation: Avanty can create SQL queries from natural language instructions.
  • Natural Language Editing: Edit existing SQL queries using simple, conversational language.
  • Auto-Generated Chart Titles: Eliminates the need to manually name charts and visualizations.
  • Smart Error Debugging: Machine learning aids in identifying and fixing common SQL errors.
  • Clear Query Summaries: Provides concise summaries of SQL queries for better understanding.
  • Understand Spaghetti Queries: Breaks down complex SQL into more understandable segments.
  • Smart Formatting: Automatically formats SQL queries for improved readability.
  • Automated Comments: Allows for the addition of generated comments to explain SQL queries.
  • Keyboard-First Design: Optimized for keyboard use to streamline your workflow.

How it Works

  1. Install the Avanty Chrome extension and integrate it with your Metabase environment.
  2. Utilize the extension to write SQL queries using natural language inputs.
  3. Edit and improve existing SQL queries through an intuitive interface.
  4. Let Avanty auto-generate titles, comments, and format your SQL queries.
  5. Benefit from the AI’s ability to debug and summarize complex queries.


  • Time Savings: Significantly reduces the time spent on writing and refining SQL queries.
  • Increased Productivity: Frees up time for data analysts to focus on deeper insights and business strategy.
  • Error Reduction: Minimizes the potential for syntax and logical errors in queries.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Makes complex SQL queries more accessible and understandable.
  • Ease of Use: Simple and intuitive design that fits seamlessly into your workflow.


Avanty is currently available in Early Access mode. As such, the pricing details have not been provided on the website. Interested users are encouraged to get started for free and explore the features offered by the extension.


While there are no user reviews available on the website, the features and benefits outlined suggest that Avanty is a promising tool for data analysts. Its AI-powered capabilities to interpret and generate SQL from natural language could be a game-changer in the industry. The focus on simplifying and expediting the SQL writing process could make Avanty a staple for those working within Metabase environments.


Avanty is poised to revolutionize the way data analysts work with SQL within Metabase. With its intelligent features and user-centric design, it addresses many pain points commonly experienced by analysts. Although still in Early Access, Avanty shows great potential to become an essential tool for data analysts looking to enhance their productivity and data query quality. It is certainly worth exploring for those eager to embrace the future of data analysis.

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