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Cleanup Pictures AI

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In today’s visual-centric world, a clean and professional image can make all the difference. Cleanup Pictures by Pixelcut offers a powerful, free online photo cleaner that promises to transform your images by removing unwanted elements with ease. Whether it’s photobombers, blemishes, or text, this tool is designed to help you achieve the perfect picture without a trace of the original distractions.


  • Remove Unwanted People: Effortlessly erase photobombers or unwanted people from your images.
  • Magic Eraser: Quickly eliminate objects or blemishes, including skin imperfections, from your photos.
  • Image Upscaler: Enhance the resolution of your images for a clearer, higher-quality result.
  • Recolor Image: Adjust the color scheme of your images to your liking.
  • Batch Edit: Process multiple images at once, saving time and effort.
  • Profile Photo Maker: Create professional profile pictures with ease.
  • API Access: Integrate Pixelcut’s functionalities into your own applications or workflows.

How It Works

  1. Upload Your Image: Start by uploading a JPG, PNG, or HEIC file with clear edges of the subject.
  2. Slide to Remove: Use your finger to slide over any unwanted objects or text to remove them.
  3. Download New Image: Once you’re satisfied, download your new, cleaned-up image.


  • Free and Quick to Use: The tool is free to access and designed for rapid use.
  • Trusted by Millions: With over 20 million users, Pixelcut has a strong reputation for quality.
  • Highly Rated: Supported by over 142,800 reviews, the satisfaction with Pixelcut is evident.
  • Cross-Platform: Available on iPhone and Android for convenient, on-the-go edits.


Pixelcut offers its Cleanup Pictures tool as a free online photo cleaner, making it accessible to everyone without the need for an initial investment.


Users from various backgrounds praise Pixelcut for its simplicity, speed, and functionality. ETSY sellers, Instagram creators, and Poshmark resellers have found Pixelcut to be an indispensable tool in their image editing arsenal, replacing more complex software like Photoshop for certain tasks.


Cleanup Picturesby Pixelcut stands out as a versatile and user-friendly solution for anyone looking to present cleaner, more professional photos. Its robust features, combined with the ease of use and price point of free, make it a compelling choice for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you need to remove a watermark, enhance image quality, or simply clean up a photo for your social media, Pixelcut can help you achieve that with a few swipes and clicks.

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