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Clickworker is a leading enterprise in crowdsourcing solutions, specifically designed to provide high-quality AI training data and other data management services. With a versatile team of over 6 million Clickworkers distributed across 136 countries, Clickworker offers a vast array of services that cater to industries such as AI & Data Science, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and more. The platform’s capability to generate, validate, and label data ensures the creation of reliable and diverse datasets, making it an invaluable resource for AI model training and other data-centric applications.


  1. AI Datasets for ML:
    • Audio Datasets & Voice Datasets
    • Image Datasets / Photo Datasets
    • Video Datasets
    • Image Annotation
  2. AI Content Editing & Creation:
    • Survey Participants
    • Internet Research
    • Categorization & Tagging
    • Store Checks
    • Product Data Transcription
  3. Industries:
    • AI & Data Science
    • Research
    • eCommerce
    • Fashion Shops
    • Retail
    • Digital Marketing
  4. Services:
    • Managed Service
    • Self Service
    • API
    • External Form – iFrame
  5. Security and Compliance:
    • ISO 27001 certified
    • 100% GDPR compliant

How It Works

  1. Registration: Clients and Clickworkers register on the platform.
  2. Project Creation: Clients create projects specifying their data needs.
  3. Task Assignment: Tasks are distributed among Clickworkers based on their qualifications.
  4. Data Generation: Clickworkers complete micro-tasks using their devices.
  5. Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks are performed to ensure data reliability.
  6. Delivery: The high-quality data is delivered to clients in the required format.


  • Global Reach: Access to a diverse workforce of over 6 million Clickworkers from 136 countries.
  • High-Quality Data: Rigorous quality assurance measures ensure top-notch data quality.
  • Flexibility: Multiple service options (Managed, Self Service, API) to suit different needs.
  • Scalability: Ability to handle large-scale projects with extensive resources.
  • Compliance: Adherence to international standards and regulations (ISO 27001, GDPR).


Clickworker offers customized pricing based on the specific needs and scale of the project. Clients can choose from:

  • Managed Service: End-to-end project management by Clickworker.
  • Self Service: Clients manage their projects using Clickworker’s tools.
  • API Access: Integration of Clickworker’s services into clients’ systems via API.

For detailed pricing information, clients are encouraged to contact Clickworker directly.


Clickworker has established itself as a reliable partner for AI training data and data management services. Clients appreciate the platform’s ability to deliver high-quality, diversified datasets tailored to their specific needs. The extensive expertise of Clickworker, combined with its rigorous quality assurance processes, ensures that clients receive data that significantly enhances their AI models and other data-driven applications. Additionally, the company’s commitment to security and compliance provides clients with peace of mind regarding data protection and regulatory adherence.


Clickworker stands out as a premier provider of AI training data and data management services. With a global workforce, a variety of service options, and a strong emphasis on quality and compliance, Clickworker is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Whether you are in AI & Data Science, eCommerce, or any other industry, Clickworker’s solutions can help you achieve your data goals efficiently and effectively.

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