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Fima AI

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Fima AI is the ultimate collaboration suite designed to streamline teamwork and enhance productivity. This platform integrates multiple essential tools such as chat, document sharing, video calls, and project management into one cohesive environment. Whether you’re a small team or a large organization, Fima AI offers a centralized solution to manage all your collaborative needs efficiently.


  1. Integrated Communication:
    • Instant chat for quick messages and replies.
    • Video calls for face-to-face meetings with just one click.
  2. Project Management:
    • Centralized and clear visualization of project tasks.
    • 100+ templates to kickstart any project efficiently.
  3. Document Collaboration:
    • Effortless document creation, editing, and collaboration.
    • Stakeholder interviews, card sorting, design specifications, and brainstorming tools.
  4. Seamless Integrations:
    • Connects with all essential tools to streamline workflows.
  5. AI Assistance:
    • Available in the Pro plan to enhance productivity and management.

How It Works

  1. Sign Up:
    • Create an account with no credit card required.
  2. Set Up Projects:
    • Use templates or start from scratch to set up your projects.
  3. Collaborate:
    • Utilize chat, video calls, and document sharing to keep your team connected.
  4. Manage Tasks:
    • Visualize and manage tasks centrally to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  5. Integrate Tools:
    • Connect Fima AI with other essential tools your team uses.


  1. Centralized Workspace:
    • No more hopping between different applications; everything is in one place.
  2. Enhanced Productivity:
    • Streamlined processes and clear visualization of tasks boost efficiency.
  3. Effective Communication:
    • Quick and easy communication through chat and video calls.
  4. Simplified Workflow:
    • Pre-designed templates and seamless integrations reduce setup time and effort.
  5. Scalable Solutions:
    • From small teams to large organizations, Fima AI scales according to your needs.


  • Starter Plan:
    • Free
    • Collaboration for small teams
    • Up to 5 projects
    • Unlimited integrations
    • Up to 3 members
  • Pro Plan:
    • $7 per user/month (billed annually)
    • Everything in Starter and more
    • Unlimited projects
    • Up to 20 members
    • AI assistant
  • Business Plan:
    • Custom pricing
    • Everything in Pro and more
    • SSO
    • Custom SLA
    • Private support
    • Custom onboarding


Fima AI offers a robust suite of tools that significantly enhance team collaboration and productivity. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities make it a top choice for both small teams and large organizations. The AI assistant in the Pro plan adds an extra layer of efficiency, making project management and communication smoother. The centralized workspace ensures all tasks and communications are easily accessible, eliminating the need for multiple apps.


In conclusion, Fima AI is a comprehensive collaboration suite that brings together essential tools for effective teamwork. With its centralized workspace, seamless integrations, and scalable plans, it addresses the needs of various team sizes and organizational requirements. Fima AI is a valuable asset for any team looking to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.

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