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Pricing: #PaidVisit Website is a powerful cold email software designed to enhance your business outreach efforts. With features that allow unlimited email sending, automated warm-up processes, and sophisticated campaign management tools, is trusted by over 10,000 clients to boost their leads, meetings, and deals. This tool is ideal for businesses looking to scale their outreach campaigns efficiently and effectively.


  1. Unlimited Email Sending Accounts: Connect as many email accounts as you need and send thousands of emails daily without harming your sender reputation.
  2. Automated Email Warmup: Utilize the largest warm-up pool on the market with 200K+ real human accounts to keep your emails out of spam.
  3. Email Validation and Domain Testing: Clean and verify your lead lists, ensuring your domains are correctly set up for cold emailing.
  4. Campaign Builder and Integrations: Automate and personalize your emails with variables, sequences, and smart scheduling. Integrate with Zapier and webhooks for advanced automation.
  5. Inbox Rotation: Rotate sending emails between multiple accounts in a single campaign to maintain a natural sending pattern.
  6. Unibox Management: Manage multiple inboxes simultaneously and streamline your lead responses.
  7. Campaign Analytics: Use the advanced analytics dashboard to monitor and optimize your campaigns.
  8. Cold Email Accelerator: Access 50+ documents, 600+ templates, and step-by-step setup guides to enhance your email strategies.
  9. Private Community Access: Learn from other entrepreneurs in a private Facebook community and get expert advice.

How It Works

  1. Create Campaigns: Set up your outreach campaigns by connecting your email accounts.
  2. Enable Warmup: With one click, activate the automated warm-up tool to improve your email deliverability.
  3. Validate Emails: Use the email validation and bulk domain testing features to ensure your emails reach the right inboxes.
  4. Automate Emails: Personalize your emails with the Campaign Builder and integrate with external tools for advanced automation.
  5. Monitor Performance: Track your campaign performance with the analytics dashboard and make necessary adjustments.
  6. Engage with Leads: Manage and respond to leads from multiple inboxes using Unibox.


  • Scalability: Send thousands of emails daily without damaging the sender’s reputation.
  • Deliverability: The automated warm-up feature ensures your emails avoid the spam folder.
  • Efficiency: Save time with inbox rotation and manage multiple inboxes seamlessly.
  • Optimization: Use campaign analytics to refine your outreach strategies.
  • Support: Gain access to extensive resources and a private community for continuous learning and improvement.

Pricing offers a free start with no credit card required. The pricing details for advanced features and additional services can be obtained directly from their website.


Customers have praised for its ease of use, advanced features, and excellent support. Users report significant improvements in their outreach campaigns, with some noting a substantial increase in meetings and deals. The tool’s scalability and automated processes are highlighted as major advantages, making a preferred choice for many businesses.

Conclusion is a comprehensive cold email software that empowers businesses to scale their outreach efforts effectively. With features like unlimited email accounts, automated warm-up, and advanced campaign management tools, it stands out as a reliable solution for enhancing your email marketing strategies. Whether you are an agency, recruiter, or entrepreneur, provides the tools and support you need to succeed.

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