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Iteration X

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Iteration X is an AI-native project management tool designed to streamline issue tracking and project management. With embedded AI copilots that learn from your team’s knowledge, Iteration X allows you to efficiently manage tasks and deliver world-class products faster. This software is particularly beneficial for development teams looking to optimize their workflow and enhance collaboration.


  1. AI Copilot: Leverages your team’s documentation and project history to assist in design, development, and project management tasks.
  2. Quick Capture: Instantly capture issues with screenshots, videos, and session logs from both web and mobile apps.
  3. Context-aware Issue Management: Visual pins appear in the live UI to provide context for issues.
  4. Visual Issue Capture: Allows users to easily capture and document issues in a format developers will appreciate.
  5. Data Privacy and Security: GDPR compliant and ISO27001/27701 and SOC II Type 2 certified, ensuring your data is safe and never used for model training.
  6. Powerful Integrations: Syncs with popular tools like GitHub, Jira, Asana, Linear, Slack, and
  7. Task Management: Enables the entire team to create well-documented tasks and keep projects organized.
  8. Mobile Capture SDK: Coming soon, this feature will allow for one-click visual issue capture on native mobile apps.

How It Works

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on the Iteration X platform.
  2. Set Up Projects: Initialize projects and invite team members.
  3. Capture Issues: Use the Iteration X extension to capture issues directly from your web or mobile apps.
  4. Document Tasks: Create detailed tasks with screenshots, videos, and session logs.
  5. AI Assistance: The AI copilot helps manage and resolve tasks using team documentation and project history.
  6. Manage and Sync: Integrate with other tools and manage tasks efficiently within the Iteration X platform.


  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitates smooth communication between team members and stakeholders.
  • Time Efficiency: Accelerates task capture and resolution, saving valuable time.
  • Data Security: Ensures that your data is protected and compliant with major security standards.
  • User-friendly: Easy to use, even for non-technical team members.
  • Improved Productivity: Helps teams deliver projects faster and with higher quality.


Iteration X offers various pricing tiers to accommodate different team sizes and needs. Here’s a general overview:

  • Free Plan: Basic features suitable for small teams and individual users.
  • Pro Plan: Advanced features for growing teams, including more integrations and enhanced AI capabilities.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom solutions for large organizations with specific requirements.

For detailed pricing information, visit the Iteration X website.


Iteration X has received positive reviews from users for its intuitive interface and powerful features. Users appreciate the ease of capturing issues and the seamless integration with other project management tools. The AI copilot is particularly praised for its ability to leverage team knowledge to resolve tasks efficiently.

User Testimonials:

  • “One of my favorite Chrome Extensions, makes issue tracking SUPER fast!” – Andrey Vinitsky
  • “I would highly recommend using this product!” – Mohammad Adil
  • “Super easy to use and navigate – even non-techy people can adapt quickly.” – Juliet Destura


Iteration X is a comprehensive AI-native project management tool that significantly enhances issue tracking and task management. Its AI capabilities, combined with robust security and seamless integrations, make it a valuable asset for development teams aiming for higher productivity and smoother collaboration.

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