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Motion is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity by automating the planning of your day. It is an all-in-one platform that combines task management, project management, and scheduling to help individuals and teams manage their work more efficiently. Whether you are an individual struggling with time management or a team aiming to streamline project workflows, Motion offers a comprehensive solution.


1. Calendar

  • Syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Apple Calendar.
  • Combines personal and work calendars into a master calendar.

2. Project Manager

  • Organizes complex projects.
  • Uses AI to turn task lists into optimized plans.

3. Task Manager

  • Prioritizes and time-blocks tasks on your calendar.
  • Dynamically optimizes your schedule multiple times a day.

4. Meeting Assistant

  • Creates meeting booking pages.
  • Schedules meetings at ideal times.

5. Integrations

  • Integrates with Zapier, Zoom, Google Meet, Gmail, and Outlook.

How It Works

  1. Task Scheduling: Motion takes all your projects and tasks, prioritizes them, and time-blocks them on your calendar, dynamically optimizing your schedule throughout the day.
  2. Task Prioritization: It computes across all your projects and tasks to tell you what to work on next.
  3. Project Management: Motion organizes your tasks into a concrete plan, allowing you to focus on execution rather than planning.
  4. Deadline Tracking: Motion proactively alerts you when tasks might miss deadlines.
  5. Calendar Syncing: Combines all your calendars into one, ensuring you never miss an event.
  6. Workload Reporting: Helps you set realistic deadlines and avoid overcommitting.
  7. Automated Meeting Scheduling: Schedules meetings in seconds, showing your availability and booking times automatically.


1. Increased Productivity

  • Motion users report being 137% more productive.

2. Improved Task Management

  • Automatically prioritizes and tracks tasks to ensure nothing is forgotten.

3. Stress Reduction

  • Motion reschedules undone work and limits meetings, allowing more focused work time.

4. Comprehensive Tool

  • Combines project management, task management, and scheduling into one platform.

5. Enhanced Team Collaboration

  • Reveals real-time task lists and priorities for each team member.


Motion offers a free trial that allows users to experience the benefits of the platform without any initial commitment. The platform’s pricing details can be found on their website, ensuring that users can select a plan that best fits their needs.


Motion has garnered positive reviews from users across various industries. Verified users have highlighted its impact on productivity, stress management, and overall work-life balance.

User Testimonials:

  • Vanessa G: “Motion helps me stay more focused on what needs to be done.”
  • Charlotte R: “Motion helps me prioritize my tasks and keep me on track.”
  • Francis M: “As someone with ADHD, Motion has been invaluable in managing my projects and schedules.”


Motion is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their productivity and manage their workload more effectively. Its AI-driven approach to task scheduling, prioritization, and project management makes it a powerful ally for both individuals and teams.

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