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Picapiu is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to generate portraits based on selected images. Developed by viStud.io, Picapiu leverages advanced algorithms to create custom portraits with ease. Users can quickly install a Chrome extension to access this feature and begin transforming images within minutes. The process is straightforward, free to use, and does not require a credit card.

Features of Picapiu

  • Chrome Extension: Easily accessible through a browser extension.
  • Simple Usage: Click the “Piu!” button on any large image on a webpage to start.
  • Context Menu Option: Right-click to choose an image if the “Piu!” button isn’t visible.
  • Custom Descriptions: Add descriptions about pose, skin, hair color, etc., for better results.
  • Quick Generation: Receive generated portraits within seconds.
  • Downloadable Results: Check and download the generated images.
  • Reiteration: Not satisfied with the results? You can try generating again.

How Picapiu Works

  1. Install the Chrome Extension: Begin by adding the Picapiu extension to your Chrome browser.
  2. Select an Image: Use the “Piu!” button or the context menu to choose an image from a webpage.
  3. Describe Your Preferences: Write specific descriptions to guide the AI in generating the portrait.
  4. Generate the Portrait: Click the “Generate” button and wait for the AI to process your input.
  5. Review and Download: Check out the generated portraits and download the ones you like.

Benefits of Using Picapiu

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface with simple controls.
  • Customization: Tailor the results with descriptive inputs.
  • Speed: Generate portraits in a matter of seconds.
  • Flexibility: Ability to retry and generate different results.
  • Accessibility: Works directly within the browser without the need for additional software.


Picapiu offers its portrait generation service for free. Users can try it out without any financial commitment or the need to enter credit card information.


Picapiu is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making portrait generation an accessible task for anyone using the Chrome browser. The tool’s ability to accept descriptive inputs allows for a degree of customization, ensuring that the AI-generated portraits are closer to the users’ expectations.


For those looking to create AI-generated portraits quickly and easily, Picapiu by viStud.io is a remarkable tool that combines simplicity with technology. With the freedom to experiment at no cost, Picapiu stands out as a valuable addition to the creative toolkit of digital artists, designers, and anyone interested in AI-generated imagery.

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