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In the rapidly evolving legal industry, the integration of advanced technology is reshaping how professionals approach contract review. is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a powerful AI-driven platform designed to streamline the process of contract analysis. Built by the experienced team behind TermScout, employs expertly programmed AI to assist in reviewing contracts with the same level of scrutiny and insight as top legal minds.

Features of Screens AI

  • Screen Anything: Utilize AI programs, known as “Screens,” which are developed by contract experts to identify crucial elements in various contracts.
  • Expert-Crafted Community Screens: Access screens created by legal experts for specific use cases, ensuring your contract review is comprehensive and tailored.
  • Featured Screens: Explore a variety of screens designed by certified creators, covering areas such as NDAs, Retail Leases, M&A, and more.
  • Custom Screen Creation: Write down your contract review priorities and let Screens transform them into a private, custom AI program for your use.
  • Certified Screen Creator Program: Collaborate with to become a certified creator and contribute to the platform’s growing community.
  • Contract Repository: Store all your agreements in one place with powerful repository intelligence that offers quick insights into any contract.
  • Data Security: Benefit from privacy by design and enterprise-grade data security, ensuring your data remains safe and secure.

How It Works

  1. Select or Create a Screen: Choose from pre-existing expert screens or create your own by outlining what you care about in a contract.
  2. Upload Contracts: Once a screen is selected or created, upload the contracts you wish to review.
  3. AI Analysis: Screens will analyze the contract, highlighting relevant sections and providing insights based on the chosen screen.
  4. Review and Audit: Easily audit the AI’s findings with highlighted sections and accuracy monitoring features.

Benefits of Using Screens AI

  • Efficiency: Dramatically reduce the time and effort spent on contract review without compromising accuracy.
  • Expertise: Leverage the knowledge of top legal experts who have programmed the AI screens.
  • Adaptability: Customize the AI to focus on what’s most important to you in a contract.
  • Security: Rest assured that your data is handled with the highest security standards.
  • Trustworthiness: With features like auditability and accuracy monitoring, gain confidence in the AI’s contract review capabilities.

Review of Screens AI

Users have reported significant improvements in their document review processes, citing a reduction in efforts by up to 40% while maintaining high accuracy levels. The platform’s ability to store contracts with advanced repository intelligence further adds to its appeal, providing a one-stop solution for contract management.

Conclusion stands out as a revolutionary tool in the legal tech space, combining the expertise of legal professionals with the efficiency of AI. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with robust security measures, makes it an attractive option for any legal department seeking to optimize contract review processes. With the added ability to customize and create AI screens, is well-positioned to cater to a diverse range of contract review needs, ensuring that both accuracy and efficiency are at the forefront of legal work.

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