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Sider is an innovative AI tool designed to enhance productivity and creativity by integrating multiple advanced AI models like ChatGPT 3.5/4o, Claude 3, and Gemini 1.5. It functions as a versatile assistant, aiding users in reading, writing, and interacting with various digital content effortlessly. This tool is particularly useful for those who engage extensively in online activities such as browsing, document writing, and business communication.


  1. ChatGPT Sidebar: Seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT 4o, providing assistance on any webpage.
  2. Multi-Model Support: Supports GPT-3.5, GPT-4o, Claude 3, and Gemini 1.5 models.
  3. AI Reader: Assists in reading and summarizing web pages, PDFs, and other documents.
  4. AI Writer: Enhances writing capabilities, from article creation to grammar checking.
  5. ChatPDF: Facilitates interactions with PDF documents.
  6. Integrated Image Tool: Offers features like text-to-image, background remover, and image upscaling.
  7. Group AI Chat: Enables asking a question and receiving answers from multiple AI bots.
  8. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Available as extensions for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

How It Works

  1. Installation: Download and install Sider as a browser extension or desktop/mobile app.
  2. Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your browser or operating system.
  3. Usage: Access Sider through the sidebar to start interacting with AI models.
  4. Interaction: Ask questions, write articles, summarize content, or enhance images using the provided tools.
  5. Customization: Customize settings and preferences to suit your specific needs, including integrating custom ChatGPT models.


  1. Enhanced Productivity: Save up to 8.5 hours weekly by reducing time spent on designing, writing, and searching for solutions.
  2. Versatile AI Assistance: Get help anytime, anywhere, whether browsing, writing documents, or in chat.
  3. Creative Freedom: Expand your imagination and achieve results that surpass human capabilities.
  4. User-Friendly: Highly rated for its ease of use, utility, and flexibility.
  5. Cost-Effective: Free to use with optional premium features at an affordable rate.


  1. Free Plan: Basic features available at no cost.
  2. Pro Subscription: $20 per month, offering enhanced functionalities and access to more AI models.


Users have praised Sider for its ease of use, utility, and flexibility. Scott Gardner, a satisfied user, highlighted the tool’s ability to integrate with various ChatGPT models, including custom ones, making it a preferred choice over other AI extensions. The high ratings and active user base further validate its reliability and effectiveness.


Sider stands out as a comprehensive AI assistant that simplifies and enhances various digital tasks through its robust integration with leading AI models. Whether you need help with reading, writing, or image editing, Sider offers a seamless and efficient solution, making it an invaluable tool for boosting productivity and creativity.

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