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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with their audience. SMSGenius emerges as a leading SMS marketing software designed to transform SMS communication into a powerful profit-driving tool. Trusted by over 30,000 businesses, SMSGenius promises to enhance your marketing efforts by increasing clicks, leads, and sales through personalized and strategic SMS campaigns.


  1. Track Clicks, Conversions, and Micro-Conversions
    • Generate ClickIDs to track clicks.
    • Monitor conversions, revenues, and payouts using Postback URLs.
    • Track micro-conversions such as specific button clicks on landing pages.
  2. SMS Personalization & A/B Testing
    • Create personalized SMS messages with dynamic content.
    • Conduct A/B tests to determine the most effective message variations.
    • Optimize delivery with route and SenderID A/B testing.
  3. Real-Time Audience Segmentation
    • Craft complex audience segments using various criteria like age, location, and behavior.
    • Real-time tracking of segment performance with automatic updates.
  4. A/B Testing & Batch Delivery
    • Deliver SMS messages in batches and adjust based on real-time performance data.
    • Stop underperforming messages and boost successful ones.
  5. Autopilot Mode
    • Automate SMS sendouts based on specified performance thresholds (ROI, CTR, CVR).
    • Ensure consistent results by sending batches only when criteria are met.
  6. URL Shortener
    • Shorten long links automatically without third-party applications.
    • Assign unique links to each recipient for better tracking.
  7. Bulk Short Domain Purchase
    • Purchase multiple short domains in one click to avoid unclickable links and spam filters.
    • Ensure exclusive control over your domains.
  8. Additional Features
    • Add variables to links for personalized recipient experiences.
    • Quick gateway integration, phone number cleaning, and auto-removal of duplicate contacts.
    • Emoji support, scheduled sendouts, and received SMS & opt-out management.

How It Works

  1. Setup and Integration
    • Connect to any SMS gateway within 24 hours.
    • Clean and prepare your contact list for maximum ROI.
  2. Campaign Creation
    • Use the SMS template performance tracking to create effective messages.
    • Personalize messages with dynamic content and segment your audience in real-time.
  3. Execution and Monitoring
    • Execute A/B testing and batch delivery to optimize performance.
    • Monitor real-time data and adjust campaigns accordingly.
  4. Automation
    • Utilize Autopilot mode to automate sendouts based on predefined performance metrics.
    • Use URL shorteners and bulk domain purchases to ensure seamless delivery.


  • Enhanced Engagement: Personalized SMS messages lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Real-Time Insights: Monitor and adjust campaigns in real-time for optimal performance.
  • Cost-Effective: Maximize ROI with efficient tracking and automated processes.
  • Scalability: Suitable for businesses of all sizes with scalable pricing plans.
  • User-Friendly: Easy setup and integration with all SMS gateways.


  1. Starter Plan
    • €259/month
    • Includes 30,000 SMS sending API requests.
    • Basic chat and email support.
    • Access to all features.
  2. Professional Plan
    • €347/month
    • Includes 100,000 SMS sending API requests.
    • Priority chat and email support.
    • Access to all features.
  3. Enterprise Plan
    • €486/month
    • Includes 350,000 SMS sending API requests, then €0.00139 per additional request.
    • Priority chat and email support.
    • Dedicated account manager.
    • Access to all features.


SMSGenius has garnered outstanding reviews, rated 5/5 by 2,420 users on Google and Trustpilot. Users praise its comprehensive feature set, ease of use, and significant impact on their marketing ROI. The ability to personalize messages, track performance in real-time, and automate campaigns makes it a valuable asset for any marketing strategy.


SMSGenius stands out as a premier SMS marketing solution, offering a blend of powerful features, real-time insights, and automation capabilities. Its commitment to enhancing ROI and simplifying the SMS marketing process makes it an essential tool for businesses looking to leverage SMS for increased engagement and sales. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a business aiming to boost lead generation, SMSGenius provides the tools needed to turn SMS into profits.

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