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To Teach AI

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to teach AI is a cutting-edge educational platform designed to bring artificial intelligence directly into the classroom. With the promise to revolutionize lesson planning and material creation, to teach AI empowers educators by providing AI-generated content that is engaging, customizable, and curriculum-aligned. Join the community of over 20,000 teachers who are already enhancing their classes with this innovative technology.


  • Customizable Teaching Materials: Over 500 ready-made exercises and worksheets available for various subjects.
  • Adaptive Content: AI technology to personalize content based on texts, images, documents, YouTube videos, or internet articles.
  • AI Lesson Planning: Create lesson plans in seconds that are aligned with the curriculum and include teaching materials.
  • Reading and Listening Comprehensions: Engaging worksheets designed to improve language skills.
  • Multiple Language Levels: Content is adaptable to different student language abilities and topics.
  • Engaging Formats: Unique exercise formats like WhatsApp chats and emails to captivate students.
  • H5p Compatibility: Easy integration with learning management systems and content authoring tools.

How it Works

  1. Subject-specific Material: Teachers select from a wide range of prepared exercises tailored to their school subject.
  2. Content Customization: Educators can change and expand their own content using various multimedia resources.
  3. AI Lesson Design: The platform uses AI to quickly generate comprehensive lesson plans, including teaching materials.
  4. Curriculum Alignment: All content is designed to align with educational standards.
  5. Diverse Formats: Exercises come in various formats to suit different learning styles and keep students engaged.
  6. H5p Integration: Materials are ready to be used with popular content authoring tools and LMS platforms.


  • Time Efficiency: Reduces lesson planning time significantly, allowing teachers to focus on teaching.
  • Customization: Adapts to individual student needs and preferences, enhancing personalized learning.
  • Curriculum Alignment: Ensures that all AI-generated materials are relevant to the set educational standards.
  • Variety of Resources: Offers a rich selection of multimedia inputs for creating diverse and engaging content.
  • Student Engagement: Keeps students interested with modern and interactive formats.
  • Ease of Use: Simplifies the process of integrating AI tools into everyday teaching practices.


  • Free Plan: Start with creating up to 5 exercises, 3 worksheets, and 2 lesson plans monthly at no cost.
  • Starter Subscription ($6/month): Create up to 100 exercises, 10 worksheets, and 5 lesson plans monthly, with all gamification options and premium worksheets.
  • Pro Subscription ($12/month): Create up to 200 exercises, 30 worksheets, and 10 lesson plans monthly, and supercharge lesson plans with full feature access.
  • Student and Trainee Discount: Eligible users receive a 30% discount on Starter and Pro plans upon presenting valid enrollment or trainee certification.


While specific user reviews are not provided on the platform’s website, the adoption by over 20,000 teachers suggests that to teach AI is well-received in the educational community. The variety of tools and the ability to tailor content to specific classroom needs are likely key factors in the platform’s popularity.


to teach AI offers a transformative approach to creating and customizing educational content using artificial intelligence. With its user-friendly interface, alignment with curricular standards, and its focus on engaging students, to teach AI is an invaluable resource for educators looking to enhance their teaching methods. Whether one is starting with the free plan or opting for a subscription, to teach AI is worth exploring for any teacher aiming to integrate AI into their classroom experience.

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