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Top 20+ Free AI Tools for Creativity

With the emergence of AI and AI tools over the past few years, the world has witnessed a revolution. AI has made tasks and jobs easy for us, and it also has helped us achieve more. Creativity of a human mind is something that gains value from expression. When AI is simpling and enhancing everything around us, why should creativity be left behind? That is exactly why in this article we bring to you some of the Top AI Tools for Creativity. These tools will help you bring out the creativity inside you and express it in the best possible way. Creativity is expressed and experienced in multiple ways, and these AI tools will add even more to that list. So without any further delay, let’s learn about the Top AI Tools for Creativity.

A Brief Preface To The Top AI Tools for Creativity

As mentioned earlier, creativity is something that we express and experience in multiple ways. The AI Tools we’ll be dealing with today belong to different categories. They boast their own ways of bringing out the best of your creative values. Aside from that, these feature packed AI Tools also bring great functionality to the table. Let’s take a look at some of the best AI Tools for Creativity.

Top 20+ AI Tools For Creativity

1. ChatGPT

Top AI Tools for Creativity: ChatGPT

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a highly trained AI chatbot that serves multiple purposes. It generates human-like responses and also takes part in contextual conversations. What makes ChatGPT a great AI Tool for Creativity is its ability to generate a variety of content within seconds. It generates social media posts, captions, slogans, one lines and pretty much everything else you ask it to. It is entirely free to use. ChatGPT lets your creativity run wild, backing it up with a massive database of info, ensuring quality content generation. It also helps you ideate creative outputs and outlines. 

2. Midjourney

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Midjourney

Midjourney AI is an AI based tool with awesome features and functionality to take your creativity to the next level. It generates super high quality image outputs on the basis of prompts you provide. You are free to let your imagination run wild when articulating prompts. Get creative, use ideas & imagination to input any prompt, and Midjourney will use that to create a high quality image. This will be a direct reflection of your prompts. Midjourney and its support for a wide variety of prompts gives you plenty of room to unleash your creativity.


Top AI Tools for Creativity: DALL.E

Like Midjourney, DALL.E is also an AI powered image generation tool. However, as far as functionality and features go, DALL.E has a slight edge over Midjourney. It offers a variety of features to maximize your creativity and give awesome outputs accurate to your prompts. In Midjourney, you get the option to modify your results by adding/alternating prompts. On the other hand, DALL.E has an active editing feature that lets you edit your output images, making it one of the best AI Tools for Creativity.

4. Corel Vector

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Corel Vector

Coral Vector is an AI tool that lets you generate visually pleasing content using your creativity. It’s quite easy to learn and use. Coral Vector is home to hundreds of pre-designed templates, and you get the option to create your own as well. What makes Coral Vector a great AI tool is the fact that it halves the amount of work & prep needed. Be it vector editing, designing layouts for pages or generating creative text, relying on Coral Vector won’t disappoint you.

5,. Looka

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Looka

Looka is one of many AI based logo making tools out there. While a logo is just a simple representation of brands/businesses, it carries great importance. It’s a direct reflection of you and your brand. Hence it is of utmost importance to design a logo that perfectly carries the essence of your business. Looka will help you with that. It’s one of the best logo making AI tools that will let your creativity be the face of your brand.

6. Canva

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Canva

Canva is a name hidden from no one. It is one of the most popular applications that have been ruling the world of graphic and logo designing. Canva of the present times has evolved into an AI powered platform and is more capable than ever. With a tonne of new features to it, Canva is now the perfect AI tool for you to unleash your creativity. Ut employs the all new AI based features to push your imaginations to creative reality in just a few seconds.

7. Pixlr

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Pixlr

Pixlr, just like Canva, is a really popular application for image generation, editing and design. It earned fame as a photo editor, and now it has incorporated AI to go even further beyond. Pixlr is now an AI powered tool and provides free photo editing and design features. Moreover, it also lets you generate images using its AI image generator. Pixlr is a free to use tool that can help your creativity levels rise through the roofs.

8. BeFunky

Top AI Tools for Creativity: BeFunky

BeFunky is an amazing AI based tool for graphic design and photo editing. It ensures delivering the astonishing perks of AI for photo editing and graphic design to everyone. BeFunky is a one of its kind creative platform. It uses AI to make photo editing and graphic design accessible to everyone. By doing so, BeFunky also invites users to flaunt their creativity and get more exposure. 


Top AI Tools for Creativity: Vectr

As the name suggests, Vectr is an AI graphic editing tool useful for users looking to unravel layers of creativity. It is one of the best AI based graphics editors to compliment your creativity levels. It boasts an easy to use interface and has a simple learning curve. Designing and editing vector graphics is an enjoyable task, and Vectr ensures you a quality time.

10. Pikazo

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Pikazo

Pikazo is slightly different from other AI based tools mentioned on this list so far. Most of the tools mentioned here today use incorporated AI features to reflect your creative ideas. However, Pikazo’s charm is unlike the others. It is an AI based tool that allows you to combine any two images into an artwork. It may sound confusing, but it’s actually pretty simple and fun. Pikazo gives you a chance to use your creativity, and turns it into a beautiful art piece.

11. Easil

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Easil

Easil is an AI based tool developed to enhance creativity and bring convenience to the table. It is a great tool that uses AI to provide you with creative content for your brand. It features thousands of quality templates for both photo and video content. These templates are used across the globe by content creators for streamlining design workflow. Easil is great for teams and for individual creators as well.


Top AI Tools for Creativity:

As the name implies, is a remarkable AI tool used for creating logos, banners, and mockups. All of them carry great value and hold high potential to help brands grow and expand. Simpling your workflow and saving you precious time, lets your creativity lead the creation process efficiently. It is a handy tool, and is certainly one of our favorite recommendations for the Top AI Tools for Creativity. 

13. Autodraw

Top AI Tools for Creativity: AutoDraw

AutoDraw is a simple AI based platform that lets you employ your creativity to create artworks for absolutely free. Using machine learning with already existing artworks, AutoDraw lets you create a stunning piece of visual art in no time. It is fast, it is free and most of all, it is a superb way to enhance your creativity. 

14. Synthesia

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Synthesia

Synthesia is one of the rarer tools that provide text to video generation & keep their emphasis locked on providing a quality output. It works great as a means to test your creativity. All you need to do is provide Synthesia with a well-curated text script, and it’ll convert it into a video. It works wonders and is an ideal choice for generating ads, social media posts, and much more. Synthesia is the perfect choice for anyone looking to express their creativity via a video output. Engaging videos are impressively expressive, and using Synthesia to generate quality video content will nurture your creativity. 

15. Murf

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Murf AI

Creativity is not just limited to drawing and designing. It is also expressed in the form of video and audio outputs. Murf is an AI tool that lets you create audio output files from text inputs. It is great for podcast content creation, and offers a variety of features that add to its functionality. Creating and running a podcast has never been easier. With Murf, you get the opportunity of expressing your creativity with AI generated high quality voices. Murf also provides you with the features to fine tune and alter these voices. It won’t be much long before you stumble across a human-like voice sample that you prefer as your medium to express creativity. 

16. KickResume

Top AI Tools for Creativity: KickResume

All of us are aware of the importance of a well optimized resume. Ever wondered about the ways you can supercharge your resume to ensure a seamless conveyance of your skillset? Among the various resume tools and templates out there, only a few of them bring actual value, and KickResume is one of them. It uses creative AI powered templates to generate great resumes that display your skills and experiences in an engaging manner. It is one of the best ways to creatively bring exposure and attention to yourself. KickResume should be on your list if you’re looking for tools to enhance your creativity. 

17. Riffusion

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Riffusion

There have been a variety of tools in the past to help us with music production and generation. With evolving time, they’ve also transitioned into a smarter, better piece of software. However, once in a while we stumble across something entirely new and unique. Riffusion is a great example of that. It is an AI powered tool and its main concern is music generation. Now, what makes it a one of a kind tool is the fact that it generates music using imagery of audio. Riffusion makes use of a machine learning technique ‘Diffusion’, and employs it to get an ‘estimate’ of a prompt for an audio. It proceeds to use that ‘estimate’ as a prompt and basis for generating music off of it. It is quite cool and is a great way to let your creativity generate some jazz. 

18. Boomy

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Boomy

Boomy is an all new AI powered tool that lets users create an original music piece of their own. Using Boomy for generating music is awesome because of the fact that minimal efforts are required from the users’ end. It uses comprehensive and cutting edge AI technology to help users explore their creativity and create music of their liking with complete freedom. Boomy is a great way to explore your own creativity levels and get a quality music output as well.

19. Quicktools

Top AI Tools for Creativity: Quicktools

PicsArt is a pretty well known software in the world of image editing and content creation revolving around it. However, that’s not all of what it has to offer. Quicktools by PicsArt is a collection of AI tools that help you turn your creativity into reality. Whether its text, images or designs, Quicktools allows your creativity to dance freely and generate contents in multiple formats with minimal efforts. 

20. CLIP Interrogator

Top AI Tools for Creativity: CLIP Interrogator

CLIP Interrogator is an innovative AI based tool and is quite unique. While almost every other AI tool is focused on image generation, this AI tool works with ideating the correct prompts for an image. Yes, that’s right. CLIP Interrogator is a really clever AI tool used to generate prompts from an image input. All you’ve to do is provide it with any image, and leave the rest to the CLIP Interrogator. This AI tool will figure out & generate the right prompts you need to get that image. It is a wonderful way of exploring your creativity levels while learning about the various useful prompts. These prompts will help you generate similar and better images later. Among the hundreds and thousands of AI tools doing the same thing, it’s nice to have something that’s entirely unique. 

21. Room GPT 

Top AI Tools for Creativity: RoomGPT

RoomGPT is a very interesting AI tool, and while it brings unmatched value, it’s quite fun as well. It is an AI tool capable of helping users design their room interiors. RoomGPT is a great aid to interior designers and helps them convey their ideas more efficiently. It also is a super tool for creative individuals to try and design their ideal rooms. 

Supercharge Your Creativity With These AI Tools

AI Tools serve a variety of purposes and fulfill various objectives. Helping a user enjoy the work process while unleashing their full creativity is also one of them. In this article, we went over the very best of the Top AI Tools for Creativity. These smart and ever evolving AI Tools will harness your creative values in an efficient way and provide you with quality results. With that being said, we’ll now wrap this article up in hopes that it was of help to you. 

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