AI Tool for Teachers: Speechify.

Top 20+ AI Tools for Teachers

The field of teaching has experienced revolutionary changes ever since the world has started going digital. Presently, we live in an era where AI has begun to take over and lead the internet, as well as things related to it. Over the last couple of years, the concept of online classes and learning has become the norm, and now it’s time to take it up a notch higher. With the emergence of AI & AI tools, there’s no reason for teachers and educational institutions to stay behind. Today, we bring to you some of the Top AI Tools for Teachers that can help educational institutions cater better and smarter education. With the help of AI powered platforms & tools, teachers can highly enhance their teaching process in multiple ways. Let’s start right away and learn about the Top AI Tools for Teachers.

A Brief Introduction to AI Tools for Teaching

There are a variety of AI tools out there, and all of them serve several purposes. When it comes to teaching, there is a lot to cover, and with the help of AI tools, one can get through all of it smartly and quickly. Whether it’s creating quizzes, grading assignments, checking for plagiarism, generating slides and presentations, summarizing, etc, teachers can rely on AI tools to cover these tasks for them. Without any further delay, let’s learn about the Top AI Tools for Teachers. 

The Ultimate List: 20+ Top AI Tools for Teachers

1. ChatGPT

AI Tool for Teachers: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a term that’s not hidden from anyone in current times. It’s a highly trained chat model from OpenAI that can generate responses to questions. It can also take part in contextual conversations. As useful as it is for students, it can also prove of great value to teachers as well. Tasks such as lesson planning, quiz generation from a topic, summarizing a theory or an explanation, creating discussion topics, and much more are a cakewalk for ChatGPT. It is a revolutionary platform that kickstarted the campaign of AI taking over the internet and is one of the best AI Tools for Teachers and for everyone in general.

2. Grammarly

AI Tool for Teachers: Grammarly

Grammarly is yet another name that is widely popular. It has been around since way before when AI started popping up everywhere. However, now it has incorporated AI in its platform to make it even more useful. Teachers can use Grammarly as an ideal plagiarism checker, and they can also use it for grammar and spelling suggestions. Aside from all of that, Grammarly provides its users with a generative AI co-creator. ProQuest boasts impressive sets of databases with over a billion resources, and teachers can make use of that via Grammarly to scan and check assignments.

3. Cognii

AI Tool for Teachers: Cognii AI Suite

Cognii is yet another reliable tool teachers can use to greatly boost their productivity and save time. Cogni isn’t a single AI tool, it is known for being home to multiple AI powered technologies that are beneficial to educational institutions. It also has an AI powered online course design for teachers/educational institutions. The engine boasts great compatibility and can provide assessments with a high accuracy percentage. Cognii also has features like analytics and real time insights. 


AI Tool for Teachers:, as the name suggests is a highly efficient AI based tool to get accurate summaries of YouTube videos. It’s a well evident fact that YouTube is a great source of learning countless things for everyone. However, it’s not rare for a YouTube explanation video or a lecture to be over a couple of hours long. Here’s where comes in. It can be used by both teachers and students to generate an accurate summary of any YouTube video. It’s powered by ChatGPT and is perfect for teachers. They can generate a brief summary of any lengthy lecture available on YouTube and pass it onto students. These AI powered video summaries are accurate and greatly time saving. 

5. Carnegie Learning

AI Tool for Teachers: Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning is similar to Cognii, and offers an AI based suite of tools and technologies to aid teachers and educational institutions. Some of their AI based solutions have received a massive number of positive feedbacks from the consumers’ end. Carnegie Learning has some areas of special focus. They include subjects like math, literature and world languages. Teachers can rely on tools & solutions from Carnegie Learning to ensure conceptual understanding of their students. 

6. Education Copilot

AI Tool for Teachers: Education Copilot

Education Copilot, as the name suggests, is a great aid for education institutions and teachers. This tool uses AI generated templates for creating customizable lesson plans for you. Education Copilot can also cover generating handouts, reports, guidelines, feedbacks and much more for you. Teachers can simply input the needed information, and Education Copilot will generate a product that it has prepared to suit their needs and choices. You can to make desired changes as well. Educational Copilot brings great value by being capable of generating lesson plans, handouts, reports etc from just a few prompts, and it can assist teachers in an amazing way. 

7. QuillBot

AI Tool for Teachers: QuillBot

There are plenty of AI writing tools out there across the internet, and QuillBot is one of them. However, that’s not all there is to it. Teachers can get highly capable perks with the help of QuillBot. You can use it to generate citations, check grammar, check for plagiarism, and write summaries. It also provides you with an online translator that has the support for over 30 languages. QuillBot also has the feature of completing sentences and improving its own suggestions. It’s a wonderful AI powered platform that helps teachers and students equally. 

8. Yippity

AI Tool for Teachers: Yippity

Yippity is definitely one of the top AI tools for teachers out there. All of us are aware of the importance a quiz holds in educating individuals, and it’s a great way for teachers to analyze their students. Creating quizzes from scratch can be a bit of a drag and time taking, which is where Yippity comes in. Yippity is a brilliant AI tool that can generate quizzes with great efficiency. All you have to do is submit a website’s URL or text, and it will generate a quiz based on that. It’s super handy and can provide great value if used correctly.

9. Curipod

AI Tool for Teachers: Curipod AI Lesson generator

Presentations have been a part of the education system for quite long, and with the passage of time, digital or PowerPoint presentations took over. They hold great importance in the education industry. For teachers, it’s of utmost importance to create an engaging presentation that can educate their students while keeping them focused as well. Teachers and educational institutions can rely on Curipod to do that job for them. With as little info as the topic, target audience, etc, Curipod can generate a full lesson with slides and interactive presentations as well. 

10. Nolej

AI Tool for Teachers: Nolej

Nolej is one of the few AI based tools that have the capabilities of doing it all. It is a powerful AI tool that you can use to generate educational content of various sorts. Nolej creates a variety of educational content from input data. It can be a piece of text, a video, an audio, a YouTube video or even a URL. Nolej can analyze it, identify the most important parts of that data, and generate desired content for educational purposes. All-in-one courses, videos, assessments, and other content formats that can provide education, Nolej can do it all. 

11. Gradescope

AI Tool for Teachers: Gradescope

Grading answer sheets and assignments is an integral part of a teacher’s life, and it cannot be denied that it is some serious work as well. Why should teachers stay behind, when the whole world is using AI to get work done faster and smarter? Gradescope is an awesome AI tool that can assess and assign grades to assignments, saving a lot of work and time for teachers. It has support for multiple subjects, and is best for grading short quizzes and assignments.

12. Formative AI

AI Tool for Teachers: Formative AI

Formative is yet another handy tool for teachers and educational institutions that has been around for quite a while now. It’s known across the globe as a capable quiz & assignment platform. It has now incorporated ChatGPT, and can generate better questions and hints, perfect for assignments and projects. Teachers can rely on it to create great assignments with a variety of questions.

13. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

AI Tool for Teachers: YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT does exactly what its name implies. It is a part of website that you can also be access in the form of a Chrome extension. It’s a great AI tool to save time and promote quick learning. This AI tool can generate brief summaries of lengthy YouTube videos and lectures in a short amount of time, and is quite useful for both teachers and students. 

14. ChartGPT

AI Tool for Teachers: ChartGPT

ChartGPT is an AI based platform that uses ChatGPT to generate charts. It is greatly viable for teachers and students dealing with statistics and related subjects. All one needs to do is input a prompt or a description of the data, and this AI tool will present a chart using that data. ChartGPT is a convenient and super useful tool that can help teachers explain statistical information better.


AI Tool for Teachers:

You can use as an add-on for Google Slides, and it’ll very soon be compatible with PowerPoint too. It’s a really nice AI powered platform that will generate any text into engaging and appealing slides. It’s great for teachers and students, and the presentation it creates perfectly relay the information and data that the prompt text contains. also lets you customize the presentations as per your choice. 

16. Quizlet

AI Tool for Teachers: Quizlet

Quizlet is your go to solution if you need an AI tool to generate interactive and engaging quizzes. Teachers can use Quizlet to create quizzes in just a nick of time, and it also includes the feature of auto grading. Quizlet offers a variety of features to help both teachers and students. Its Spaced Repetition is a great feature for increased productivity. It is developed on ChatGPT’s API, and is one of the top AI tools for teachers out there on the internet. 

17. QuestionWell

AI Tool for Teachers: QuestionWell

QuestionWell can be used for creating a massive number of questions from any topic. All it needs is for the user to input text and/or data, and this impressive AI based tool will generate essential and important questions based on that information. It can be a source of great help for teachers when it comes to making quizzes and question papers.

18. Speechify

AI Tool for Teachers: Speechify

Speechify is one of the most impressive and interactive AI tools we’re covering in this article. It can convert PDF documents, text documents, webpages, and even a book to speech using artificial intelligence. What makes it greatly useful for teachers is the fact that using speechify can marginally increase the speed of content consumption, enabling faster learning and also saving precious time. 

19. Midjourney

AI Tool for Teachers: Midjourney

Midjourney is a really popular AI powered image generator that aids both teachers and students in multiple ways. Teachers can enter prompts, make them as detailed as possible, and using those prompts, Midjourney will generate a variety of high quality images. Diagrams are a perfect example. You can use these images in presentations, assignments, and in simple online mode of classes to explain concepts. 

20. gotFeedback

AI Tool for Teachers: gotFeedback

gotFeedback is an AI based platform by gotLearning that aids teachers to provide their students with feedback and reviews. Feedbacks from teachers can help students discover their strengths and analyze their areas of improvement better. A well structured feedback holds great importance. That is precisely why an AI tool like gotFeedback is needed. It helps teachers to generate individualized feedback and maintains its integrity and fundamental goals. It provides full feedback on Word and PDF documents, and teachers across the globe can use it to help their students. 

21. Conker

AI Tool for Teachers: Conker AI

Conker is yet another AI tool that can provide great value to teachers, educational institutions, tutors etc and save them a lot of precious time. It is used to create a variety of questions and quizzes based on the info provided. These questions can be in the form of multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, and even of the read-and-respond kind. It is a highly capable tool that can prove quite useful for teachers.

Final Words: AI Tools as a Medium for Efficient Education

Learning and teaching, both are quite essential parts of our society, and prioritizing their accessibility will help us grow as a civilization. AI and its development has always been aimed at making things simpler for us. There are a variety of AI based tools & platforms out there. Making the best use of these tools to enhance the process of teaching and learning will maximize their benefits to the fullest. That is exactly why in this article we went over and discussed some of the Top AI Tools for Teachers. These tools can increase the productivity of teachers, help them convey their thoughts and ideas in an efficient manner. They were developed keeping the process of teaching and learning in mind. We foraged and shortlisted some of the top AI Tools for Teachers in this article, and we’ll now wrap it up in hopes that it was of help to you. 

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