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Unbody is an innovative platform designed to simplify the integration of A.I. into applications using private data. It offers a seamless pipeline that automates the journey from private data to A.I. application, making the process as straightforward as writing a single line of code. This platform supports a wide range of A.I. models and data formats, ensuring flexibility and ease of use for developers and businesses alike.


  1. Customizable A.I. Solutions: Choose from a wide selection of A.I. models, from the most popular to the most niche, ensuring that you are not dependent on any single A.I. provider.
  2. Data Privacy: Unbody emphasizes data privacy, allowing your data to remain securely in its original location while being processed.
  3. Extensive Data Integration: The platform supports various data connectors and formats, from cloud storage like Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint to messaging platforms like Slack and Discord.
  4. Simplified Coding Process: A.I. integration is made simple with one API endpoint and one line of code, accessible via a GraphQL API or SDKs.

How It Works

  • Choose Your A.I.: Select the appropriate A.I. model for your application from Unbody’s extensive library.
  • Connect Your Data: Link your data sources to Unbody using its wide range of connectors.
  • Build Your Application: Implement your A.I. features into your application using just one line of code through Unbody’s simplified API.


  1. Ease of Use: The platform’s simplicity allows developers to implement complex A.I. functionalities without the usual hassle associated with A.I. development.
  2. Flexibility: By supporting a diverse range of A.I. models and data formats, Unbody ensures that businesses can tailor solutions to fit their specific needs.
  3. Privacy and Security: Focus on data privacy ensures that sensitive information does not need to be moved or exposed unnecessarily.
  4. Rapid Development: The streamlined process accelerates the development and deployment of A.I.-driven applications.


  • Subscription Model: Unbody likely offers tiered subscription plans based on usage, features, and support needs, though specific pricing details would need to be obtained directly from the platform.
  • Custom Quotes: For enterprise-level solutions or specific use cases, custom pricing options may be available.


Customer and developer feedback often highlights the effectiveness and user-friendliness of Unbody. Users commend the platform for its ability to simplify complex A.I. processes and maintain data privacy. The flexibility in A.I. model selection and data integration also receives high praise, allowing users to create tailored solutions efficiently.


Unbody stands out as a powerful tool for developers and businesses looking to leverage A.I. capabilities while ensuring data privacy. With its easy-to-use interface, broad A.I. and data support, and emphasis on security, Unbody is well-suited for anyone looking to innovate or enhance their services with A.I. technology.

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