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Unscreen AI: Remove Video Backgrounds

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For any creator recording videos away from the studio, dealing with unpredictable or undesirable backgrounds can be a major hassle. Whether you’re filming tutorials, product reviews, or livestreams, distracting elements in the backdrop can detract from your content. That’s where Unscreen AI comes in. As the leading online tool for automatic background removal, Unscreen uses advanced AI to analyze videos and separate the foreground subject from the background – all with zero effort on your part.

Some key benefits of using Unscreen include:

  • Effortless Workflow – Simply upload or paste in a video link. Unscreen handles the entire removal process automatically without any clicking or masking required.
  • Impressive Accuracy – The AI is highly precise at detecting edges and contours, retaining fine details like hair and clothing fibers.
  • Intuitive Interface – See preview images of the processed video and easily download the final background-less file for use anywhere.
  • Browser-Based Application – No software to install. Use Unscreen from any device with an internet browser.
  • Wide Compatibility – Process videos from YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive or directly uploaded files up to full HD resolution.
  • Generous Free Plan – Remove backgrounds from videos up to 30 seconds completely free. Premium plans available for longer clips.

If you’re looking for an seamless solution to isolating video subjects from backgrounds, I highly recommend checking out Unscreen. The AI-powered tools are transforming how creators produce engaging content remotely.

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