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In the competitive realm of sales, efficiency and automation are the keys to staying ahead. AskToSell emerges as a groundbreaking platform designed to transform the way sales are conducted. It’s an autonomous sales platform that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to close deals on autopilot. By integrating AI Sales Agents, an AI-first CRM, and autonomous sales processes, AskToSell aims to reduce costs, increase sales team satisfaction, and enhance customer contentment.

How AskToSell Works

  1. Activate in Minutes: Users can quickly set up by defining the product they aim to sell, along with its value proposition and pricing.
  2. Upload Leads: Sales teams can upload their lead lists onto the platform, directing the AI Sales Agents on whom to target.
  3. Assign Agents: By connecting an email account, users can assign autonomous agents to act on their behalf.
  4. Launch Campaign: Once everything is set up, the AI agents take over the outreach and engagement tasks.
  5. Approval Workflows: The platform ensures that users remain in control of critical actions, maintaining oversight while the AI works.
  6. Grow Revenue: As the AI Sales Agents handle routine tasks, users can watch their revenue grow on autopilot.

Features of AskToSell

  1. AI Sales Agents: Performs tasks like outreach, qualification, objection handling, scheduling, and CRM entries.
  2. Automated Workflows: Ensures that leads are persistently followed up with, and activity goals are consistently met.
  3. Fast Response: The platform guarantees a response time of less than 5 minutes to prospect queries.
  4. Scalability: Users can easily scale their sales efforts by deploying more agents in seconds.
  5. Persistent and Fearless: Unlike human sales reps, AI agents don’t succumb to rejection or emotional hindrances.

Benefits of Using AskToSell

  1. Time-Saving: Frees up the sales team to focus on more strategic tasks by automating routine activities.
  2. Cost-Effective: Offers a significant reduction in cost per activity when compared to traditional sales representatives.
  3. High Availability: AI Sales Agents are persistent and never forget to follow up, ensuring no leads are neglected.
  4. Quick Deployment: Easy to hire and onboard compared to traditional sales staff.
  5. Performance: Provides superhuman-like sales performance with high-quality replies to leads.

Pricing of AskToSell

  • Cost: $200 per month per AI Sales Agent.
  • Activities: Includes 50 activities (emails) per day.
  • Lead Management: Recommended for managing up to 500 leads per month.
  • Flexibility: Users can scale up or down as needed.
  • Trial: A 7-day free trial is available, with no credit card required for signup.

Review of AskToSell

AskToSell stands out as an innovative solution for sales automation, delivering impressive performance and efficiency. The platform’s ability to handle multiple sales tasks autonomously and its quick response time are highly beneficial for businesses looking to scale their sales operations without incurring excessive costs. Its user-friendly interface and the ability to maintain control over important actions give users confidence in the autonomy of the AI agents.


AskToSell is poised to redefine the sales process for businesses of all sizes. Its combination of AI Sales Agents and autonomous sales processes offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth. With its cost-effective pricing model and the convenience of a 7-day free trial, AskToSell is an attractive choice for companies aiming to streamline their sales operations and close deals on autopilot.

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