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In the ever-evolving landscape of legal practice, efficiency, accuracy, and speed are paramount. Casetext’s CoCounsel, the world’s first AI legal assistant powered by GPT-4, is designed to streamline a myriad of legal tasks, offering unparalleled support to legal professionals. From document review to deposition preparation, CoCounsel is revolutionizing the way attorneys manage their workload, enabling them to deliver superior service to clients while optimizing their practice.


CoCounsel is packed with features that cater to various legal needs, making it an indispensable tool for attorneys:

  1. Document Review:
    • Identifies critical documents and key information in discovery.
    • Increases precision and recall, lowering costs.
  2. Deposition Preparation:
    • Provides thorough outlines based on the deponent and case issues.
    • Drafts questions relevant to multiple topics.
  3. Contract Analysis:
    • Reviews contracts for compliance with specified policies.
    • Identifies relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks, and recommends revisions.
  4. Legal Research:
    • Retrieves relevant legal resources and provides detailed answers with supporting sources.
    • Uses advanced search techniques such as keyword search, boolean, and Parallel Search.
  5. Timeline Creation:
    • Generates timelines for cases quickly and accurately.
  6. Summarization:
    • Summarizes legal documents in straightforward language.
  7. Database Search:
    • Finds relevant information across a database of documents with pinpoint accuracy.
  8. Draft Correspondence:
    • Drafts legal letters and emails based on specified recipient, topic, and tone.

How It Works

CoCounsel operates through a series of intuitive steps designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy:

  1. Input Information:
    • Users provide relevant details such as the issue, jurisdiction, and case specifics.
  2. AI Processing:
    • CoCounsel uses GPT-4 to analyze the input and generate outputs such as legal research answers, document summaries, and deposition outlines.
  3. Output Generation:
    • The system produces detailed outputs, including supporting sources and explanations.
  4. Interactive Refinement:
    • Users can interact with CoCounsel to refine drafts and outputs, ensuring alignment with specific needs.


Adopting CoCounsel offers numerous advantages to legal professionals:

  1. Time Efficiency:
    • Automates time-consuming tasks, freeing up attorneys to focus on high-value activities.
  2. Cost Reduction:
    • Lowers costs by increasing precision and reducing the need for extensive manual review.
  3. Enhanced Accuracy:
    • Provides reliable and thorough analysis, reducing the risk of oversight.
  4. Scalability:
    • Handles large volumes of data and documents with ease, making it suitable for firms of all sizes.
  5. Client Satisfaction:
    • Enables quicker turnaround times and higher-quality service, improving client satisfaction.


CoCounsel offers flexible pricing options tailored to different types of legal practices:

  • Solo and Small Firms:
    • Tailored packages to meet the needs of smaller practices.
  • Big Firms:
    • Scalable solutions designed for larger practices with extensive requirements.
  • In-House Legal Departments:
    • Customized plans to support corporate legal teams.

For detailed pricing information, potential users are encouraged to explore further on Casetext’s website or contact their sales team.


CoCounsel has received glowing reviews from the legal community:

  • Greg Siskind, Immigration Attorney and Founder, Siskind Susser PC:
    • “CoCounsel is an outstanding product. It’s like having an associate lawyer ready to take on an endless number of delegated tasks and deliver it all in minutes.”
  • Joe Gibson, Managing Attorney, Employment Law Center of Maryland:
    • “CoCounsel is shockingly good—it’s a force multiplier. A lawyer with CoCounsel is more efficient, effective, and confident.”
  • Ariella Kupetz, Associate, Fisher Phillips:
    • “CoCounsel is like a legal research assistant in your pocket—or a co-counsel. The time-saving possibility here really is hard to overemphasize.”


CoCounsel by Casetext represents a significant advancement in legal technology, offering a robust AI-powered assistant that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and overall practice management. By adopting CoCounsel, legal professionals can streamline their workflows, reduce costs, and provide superior service to their clients, ultimately transforming their practice.

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