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Runway Gen-2

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Gen-2 by Runway is an AI-powered tool for versatile video creation. This AI system can craft unique videos using text, images, or video clips as inputs. With eight different modes, Gen-2 offers various video generation capabilities.

In Mode 1, “Text to Video,” it generates videos from text prompts. Mode 2, “Text+Image to Video,” combines images and text prompts for video creation. Mode 3 creates videos using just a single image, while Mode 4 applies styles from images or prompts to each frame of a video.

“Storyboard” in Mode 5 transforms mockups into fully animated renders, and Mode 6, “Mask,” modifies video subjects with text prompts.

Mode 7, “Render,” enhances untextured renders with realism using input images or prompts.

Finally, Mode 8, “Customization,” empowers users to fine-tune the model for even better results. Gen-2 excels in image-to-image and video-to-video translation, making it invaluable for video production and creative industries.

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