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Top 20+ AI Tools for Campaigns

Previous generations have witnessed the world morph into a tech centered civilization, and now we’re witnessing it go even further beyond. Its impact is widespread. It started something. It brought an end to many. What remains constant is our drive to get smarter and better. AI is our newest and the most powerful ally in this journey. With its emergence & development surrounding it, we’ve started to incorporate it in our lives to make all of it simpler. We’ll be discussing a similar concept here. Marketing and marketing campaigns have been greatly impacted by AI and AI tools, and we’re here to guide you through it. Here, we’ll be discussing the Top 20+ AI Tools for Campaigns. These AI tools will prove revolutionary for your marketing strategy. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the Top AI Tools for Campaigns that’ll dynamically improve your marketing. 

AI Tools for Campaigns: A Brief Intro

AI and tools developed around it have been proving game changing for us. Whether it’s business, content writing, academics, research, entertainment or anything else, there are AI tools out there to assist us with them. In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the Top AI Tools for Campaigns that’ll help you significantly up your marketing game. These AI tools will assist you with various aspects of your campaigning. Some of them can even take over for you and yield impressive results. So let’s not waste any time and jump right in. We present to you the Top AI Tools for the Campaign listed below.

Top 20+ AI Tools for Marketing Campaigns

1. Jasper AI

AI Tools for Marketing: Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a widely popular AI powered platform. Its main purpose is content generation. Content production is an essential process for marketing and campaigning. Jasper AI makes it easier for us to push out campaigning content by allowing us to efficiently create social media blog posts, advertisements, engaging emails etc. It is the perfect tool for taking your marketing game to the next level. Use Jasper AI to optimize your content generation and get the most out of it. Upgrading your campaigning content will reflect directly in your marketing strategy proving more effective as well.

2. Albert AI

AI Tools for Marketing: Albert AI

A good market strategy always has its flaws, and one of them is that it can always be improved. Let Alber AI do that for you. Albert AI is an artificial intelligence powered platform that will clear obstacles, add personalizing touches, fill gaps and optimize your marketing strategy. Aim at perfecting your campaigning by improving your market strategy using Albert AI and you won’t be disappointed.


AI Tools for Marketing:

Generating ads for your business or product should be one of your top concerns when analyzing campaigns & marketing strategy. Creating ads that attract attention and traffic are of utmost importance. is an amazing AI powered tool specializing in ad generation. It lets you create ads that Excel in terms of performance, and also get updated in real time automatically. 

4. Brand24

AI Tools for Marketing: Brand24

Keeping consumers’ needs in mind will always prove beneficial for brands and companies. There are several AI tools out there for analyzing brands and how their customers feel about them. Brand24 is one of them, and it might be just what you need to take your campaigning up by a few notches. It lets you keep a tab on real time feedback and prepares marketing analytical reports. Brand24 also tracks every mention of your brand/business on social media & public platforms.

5. Zapier

AI Tools for Marketing: Zapier

Task automation AI tools have always been in great demand ever since the AI started conquering the internet. Task automation provides many perks, but saving time is the best one. Zapier lets you automate repetitive tasks, streamlining your workflow in an efficient manner. It offers a feature of creating custom workflows that supports and enables automated actions across different software. Zapier should be your go to solution if you’re looking to enhance your workflow and improve campaigning.

6. Fullstory

AI Tools for Marketing: Fullstory

Tracking consumers’ behavior and predicting their course of action is a common part of all marketing strategies. Fullstory is an AI based tool that helps you do that in an incredibly effective way. It tracks a site visitor’s digital experience, meaning that it tracks users’ clicks, scrolls, cursor movements and page visits. This helps in understanding their unpredictability, and is a valuable piece of info for business campaigns. 

7. Surfer SEO

AI Tools for Marketing: Surfer SEO

Optimizing content for search engines is a very common practice and is an inseparable part of every online business campaign. Using highly capable AI tools to maximize it is a brilliant move, and Surfer SEO is here to take care of that for you. It’s a great tool for enhancing on-page SEO. Surfer SEO used informative analysis and insights from rivals to optimize SEO. It can also automate some SEO aspects on its own. Surfer SEO is a reliable AI tool for digital marketers to increase their traffic and improve business campaigning.

8. Chatfuel

AI Tools for Marketing: Chatfuel

Holding conversations with consumers, keeping them engaged and focusing on pitching is an ordeal every consumer focused business deals with. With plenty of AI tools around, this just got easier. Chatfuel is an AI chatbot that generates human-like responses. Dealing with consumers is not the only concern Chatfuel will take off of your plate. It is quite impressive at spotting keywords in a feedback and generates an apt reply to it in seconds. Chatfuel’s automated but appropriate responses might prove of incredible value as an addition to your marketing campaign, so make sure to check it out. 

9. Brandwatch influence

AI Tools for Marketing: Brandwatch Influence

Having elaborate databases of various kinds of information ahead of time is quite valuable. That goes for marketing campaigns as well. Brandwatch Influence boasts an impressive database of millions of influencers. Its support for all mainstream social media platforms makes it the finest of choice among its rivals. Finding the right influencer to represent your campaigns and ideas can yield great results, and Brandwatch Influence can be your reliable partner for that goal. 

10. MarketMuse

AI Tools for Marketing: MarketMuse

MarketMuse is your solution if you’re looking for an AI tool to boost your on-page SEO while maintaining the quality of your content. It is an AI powered platform that aids marketing enthusiasts in generating engaging content that also meets their page’s organic SEO needs. It provides recommendations curated on the basis of collected info, and is a reliable AI tool to help campaigns improve. 

11. NetBase

AI Tools for Marketing: NetBase

Maintaining the overall health and integrity of a brand is one of the most important responsibilities of its marketing campaigns. NetBase is a really handy AI tool that analyzes countless conversations about brand(s) using machine learning and deep learning. For a marketing campaign enthusiast, NetBase is a perfect source of feedback from across the entire social media on their brand news and movements. With that info at hand, brands can continue being consumer favorites and catering to them seamlessly.

12. Pattern89

AI Tools for Marketing: Pattern89

Brands that constantly deal with major social media platforms will find this AI tool to be vastly beneficial. Pattern89 is an AI tool developed to help digital marketers optimize and refine their campaigns. Using AI, Pattern89 finds the most appropriate combination of images, emojis, colors etc to add to your campaign. It provides insights into ads and their performance, and also suggests actions that’ll benefit the marketing campaign.

13. Ocoya

AI Tools for Marketing: Ocoya

It’s quite evident that social media holds immense value for any marketing campaign to succeed. Staying constantly active and articulating regular social media blog posts is a common practice for digital marketers. Ocoya is a handy tool that can automate social media management and generate AI based content for social media platforms. It provides users with thousands of customizable templates. Ocoya can also generate hashtags and captions to increase traffic and engagement.

14. Headlime

AI Tools for Marketing: Headlime

Headlime is home to over 1500+ copy templates and provides support for over 10 languages. It is an AI based tool developed to create the perfect art page for you. With the help of integrated machine learning, Headlime suggests and completes texts/sentences written by you. It lays emphasis on the performance aspect of the content and optimizes it thoroughly. It’s a perfect landing page builder for your marketing campaign.

15. Tidio

AI Tools for Marketing: Tidio

Tidio is an AI based chatbot that can streamline consumer interaction for digital marketers. What makes it different from generic chatbots is the fact that not only it provides multichannel support, it also provides features of automatic customer service. Multichannel support allows marketers to make a chat interface on websites and social media platforms. Tidio also offers live chat services that make human to human interaction possible whenever needed. Automating customer service chat saves precious time, and Tidio ensures that it’s done efficiently.

16. Seventh Sense

AI Tools for Marketing: Seventh Sense

Keeping a track on site visitors’ and consumers’ behavior is a fairly common practice in marketing campaigns. Seventh Sense is an amazing AI tool that will marginally benefit your email marketing campaigns. It informs you of the times your customers are most likely to open their mailbox and engage with received emails. By doing so, it’ll tell you the most appropriate times to articulate and send a marketing campaign email. This greatly increases the chances of consumers noticing you. Seventh Sense is a must have tool if you’re seeking optimization and growth in your email marketing campaigns.

17. Drift

AI Tools for Marketing: Drift

 Drift is a greatly dependable AI powered chatbot designed to assist you with your marketing campaigns. What makes it a viable option is the fact that it can handle chat assistance, answering common questions, and also has the feature of personalized messaging. Drift offers the feature of seamless integration with other platforms as well.

18. Browse AI

AI Tools for Marketing: Browse AI

There are a variety of elements in the field of digital marketing that one needs to keep in mind while planning campaigns. Analyzing or assessing moves and/or trends of rival competitive brands is one of them. Competitive Intelligence is a more apt term for it. Browse AI is an AI powered bot designed to learn and provide you with information about rival brands. It extracts crucial information from them which gives you an insight of the rival brands’ performance and reviews. Browse AI will help you point out areas in your own campaign where further improvement is possible. 

19. Algolia

AI Tools for Marketing: Algolia

Algolia is developed keeping in mind the search & recommendation feature of brands and websites. It helps you create a ‘search filter’ that helps consumers on your page find the exact product/service they’re seeking as quickly as possible. By analyzing the data at hand, it can direct a consumer to the exact product of their choice within seconds. The quicker they find the product of their liking, the higher are the chances of your campaign succeeding in another purchase. 

20. DALL.E

AI Tools for Marketing: DALL.E

Enough emphasis is laid on the importance of ads in campaigning, and their effect on rivals & consumers. There are multiple layers to the process of creating a perfect ad, and DALL.E is here to assist you with it. DALL.E is a text-to-image generating AI tool developed by OpenAI. It generates high quality images on the basis of prompts that you provide. Using these high quality images to promote your business can highly benefit you as a digital marketer, and will give your campaigns a sufficient dose of momentum as well. 

21. Hemingway App

AI Tools for Marketing: Hemingway App

It is of utmost importance that your campaigns incorporate content that is both accessible and influential. There are dozens of AI tools out there to give your campaign and its content a readability check. However, it’s of equivalent importance that we choose a reliable and capable tool for that too. Hemingway App is an AI based tool that is meant for digital marketers to ensure their content’s ease of access and readability.  It helps you revise your content to be less complex and more effective.

Level Up Your Marketing Campaigns With The Power of AI

The world of digital marketing and campaigning has seen a plethora of changes over the past decade. However, the principles that turn profits have stayed constant more or less. Traffic engagement, catering to customers, tracking rivals, time management, and a bunch of other things; marketing campaigns have always attended to them ensuring maximum business. Times have changed now, and with hundreds of AI tools around us, we can revolutionize marketing campaigns in a way never seen before. In this article, we presented you with the Top AI Tools for Campaigns. Be it automation, data scraping, ad, and content generation, these AI tools will handle most of it for us. We handpicked some of the Top AI Tools for Marketing and Campaigns for you, and now we’ll be signing off in hopes that this article was of help to you.

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