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VoiceLine is an innovative tool designed to empower field sales teams with the power of artificial intelligence. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, VoiceLine aims to enhance revenue intelligence and drive more revenue for businesses. It offers a unique approach to capturing touchpoints with customers through voice, automating administrative tasks, and providing actionable insights directly from the field. This AI Operating System for field sales teams has garnered trust among leading sales enterprises due to its ability to create better data faster and improve overall efficiency.


  • Voice-Enabled Touchpoint Capture: Quickly capture any customer interaction in the field with just your voice.
  • AI-Enhanced Speech Recognition: Advanced speech engine that understands all languages, dialects, and company-specific terminology.
  • Hands-Free Operation: Designed for people on the go, allowing recordings anywhere, even in noisy environments or without an internet connection.
  • Superior Data Quality: Capture detailed information immediately after it happens, which is seven times faster than typing.
  • Admin Task Automation with AI: Reduce time spent on admin tasks, giving sales reps more time to sell.
  • Active Selling Time Maximization: AI technology helps identify and auto-fill related tasks to enhance productivity.
  • System Integration: Works across all your systems, eliminating the need for dual input into multiple systems.
  • Customization: Fully modular setup with a no-code automation editor for personalization according to business needs.
  • Actionable Insights: AI-generated insights provide transparency into customers and markets for better decision-making.

How It Works

  1. Voice Capture: Sales reps can use their voice to capture information about customer interactions in seconds.
  2. AI Processing: The voice data is then processed by VoiceLine’s AI, which can understand complex terms and even learn from corrections over time.
  3. Integration: Captured data is seamlessly integrated into existing systems like CRM, email, and calendar.
  4. Automation: The AI identifies related tasks and auto-fills them, reducing manual note-taking and admin work.
  5. Analytics: AI analyzes the data to provide actionable insights, helping to reveal opportunities and risks.


  • Increased Efficiency: Sales teams can work faster by capturing data with their voice, leading to increased efficiency in the field.
  • Better Data Quality: Immediate data capture ensures that details are not lost or forgotten, improving the quality of information.
  • More Active Selling Time: Automation of admin tasks frees up time for sales reps to focus on selling.
  • Faster Sales Cycles: With streamlined processes and reduced manual input, sales cycles are significantly shortened.
  • Higher Revenue Growth: Actionable insights derived from AI analysis contribute to better decision-making and higher conversion rates.


To obtain specific pricing information for VoiceLine, prospective clients are encouraged to book a demo or get in touch with the VoiceLine team directly. Pricing details are tailored to the needs of each business, ensuring that the solution fits the scale and requirements of each unique sales team.


Users of VoiceLine have reported a noticeable improvement in data quality and a reduction in time spent on administrative tasks. Sales enterprises have acknowledged that the tool has not only made their work more efficient but also transformed their customer interactions. With an emphasis on ease of use and practicality for field sales personnel, VoiceLine is appreciated for its ability to understand specific terminology and its customizability to fit various business processes.


VoiceLine stands out as a powerful AI-based solution for field sales teams, aiming to enhance revenue intelligence and efficiency. With its robust features, ease of integration, and focus on actionable insights, VoiceLine is poised to revolutionize the way sales teams operate. For companies looking to drive more revenue and gain a competitive edge in the market, VoiceLine offers an impressive suite of tools that can transform field sales processes and outcomes.

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