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Welcome to PrometAI, the AI Business Plan Generator that is tailored to set your entrepreneurial journey onto the path of success. In a world where business ideas are plentiful but execution is key, having a solid business plan is the cornerstone of turning your vision into a valuable reality. PrometAI offers an intuitive and powerful tool to guide entrepreneurs through the meticulous process of crafting a business blueprint.

Features of PrometAI

  1. Strategy Toolkit: Utilize a comprehensive range of strategic planning tools including SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, VRIO, PESTEL, and Strategy Canvas.
  2. Valuation Features: Benefit from expert-designed valuation tools like DCF, Multiples, Residual Value, and the Dividend Model for accurate business assessments.
  3. Blueprint Structure: Access best-in-class business plan structures and guidelines to ensure all pivotal areas are covered.
  4. Data Security: Trust in a platform that prioritizes the protection of your business ideas with advanced security technologies.
  5. Educational Resources: Learn as you go with educational insights provided throughout the planning process.

How it Works

  • Start with Your Vision: Outline your idea and let PrometAI guide you in structuring your plan.
  • Section-by-Section Guidance: Navigate through each section with AI assistance and helpful prompts.
  • AI-Powered Assistance: Generate content seamlessly for different parts of your business plan.
  • Educational Insights: Gain understanding on each aspect of the business plan to ensure a comprehensive knowledge of the components.
  • Refine and Perfect: Review and fine-tune your plan for coherence and readiness.
  • Your Plan, Ready to Present: Arm yourself with an expertly crafted business plan ready for stakeholders.

Benefits of Creating a Business Plan with PrometAI

  1. Simplified Plan Creation: The AI-powered platform makes drafting a business plan effortless.
  2. Insightful Data-Driven Process: Ensure accuracy in your plan with analytics-based content.
  3. Strategic Decision-Making Tools: Utilize PrometAI’s features for effective forecasting and planning.
  4. Security of Intellectual Property: Have peace of mind knowing your data and ideas are protected.
  5. Industry Standard Alignment: Your business plan aligns with industry benchmarks for quality and relevance.


PrometAI offers various subscription plans to suit different needs, including:

  • Subscription Plans: Choose a plan that fits your business size and requirements.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Opt for customized solutions for larger or more complex business needs.


PrometAI stands out as a revolutionary tool for professionals across industries to create business plans with ease. Its combination of strategic planning tools, expert-designed valuation, and educational insights makes it a comprehensive platform. Users appreciate the AI-assisted simplicity and the high standards of security implemented to protect their intellectual property.


PrometAI is more than just a business plan generator; it is a strategic partner that empowers entrepreneurs to create plans that are precise, insightful, and aligned with best practices. By leveraging the power of AI and expert knowledge, PrometAI enables users to navigate the complexities of business planning with confidence and sophistication. Whether you are at the idea stage or scaling your business, PrometAI promises a smooth journey towards success.

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